This is Sabbat NIPPON’S select discography. The Japanese blackened thrash metal band, who formed in 1984 as is based out of Kuwana-Mie, Japan has 150 + releases in its back catalog, between EP’s/ Splits/ Compilations/ VHS/ DVD/ cassette albums, and full-length releases.

I am a casual fan of the band. So this is what I recommend as a”choice cuts” or “select discography” of the bands Back Catalog. I came across this band, while reading the Premier edition of the Dream Warriors fanzine, that is based out of Italy.  Lets say the spokesman for the band, blew my mind with his very “Bob Muldowney” and Kick*Ass Monthly like mentality. Pretty killer band. The true metal battle cry is found in the song “Heavy Metal Mania” from the band Holocaust, on there classic 1981 debut album “The Nightcomers.”

1991 – Envenom

1992- Envoke






2004-…And the Sabbatical Queen (Compilation)

2004 …To Praise the Sabbatical Queen (Compilation)

2011- Sabbatrinity

Prika Amaral Nervosa founder