Fernanda Lira  – Bass, Vocals
Prika Amaral  – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fernanda Terra – Drums

Nervosa is a all female, thrash band and more importantly a Power-trio, from Brazil.

The bands cites as influences artist such as Exodus, Slayer, and Sepultura. I have yet to find out which era of these bands Nervosa has a affinity for. There influence list consist of artist with a high degree of virtuosity, so I am expecting some face melting molten metal RIFFS, and not just a speed-for-the-sake-of-speed release.  I am really shocked to see that legendary website, has yet to do a write up for this band.YET…!!!

Because I believe this band is “on target” taste for that website and its readership. I know because I belong to that readership.

Nervosa as of May, 2012, signed a record deal with the World Class label Naplam Records (founded in 1992) a avant-garde metal supporter  myself, this label is one of the first believers in that metal movement that was kicked of in 1987 with Celitc Frost “Into the Pandemonium”. And look at the labels 1990’s output, and notice the avant-garde classics on that label.Whoa….tons of them !! Fuck yeah !

Nowadays Naplam Records supports a wide variety of metal acts…I am ecstatic to see California Metal Gods  with a Goddess as a lead vocalist Jill Janus…aka known as Huntress, and now Nervosa three Brazilian metal GODDESS, who are major ragers, who I am sure will unleash some godly metal for the true metal maniacs.

The Huntress “Spell Eater” is in stores this week, and Nervosa metal thrashing mad, major rager debut will be out on Napalm Records sometime at the end of this year.

The Huntress “Spell Eater” should be a metaller’s delight. I am interested to see if Vocalist Jill Janus, can actually utilize her World Class 4 Octave Range. Shatter that glass Jill aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Nervosa website is

Thrash ’til death…!!

Prika Amaral Nervosa founder