Man I can not wait for this to come out, I have been checking with Auburn Records distributors, and Sentinel Steel, says the interest is very high, and I expect all copies of this to be gone, the day it arrives  over at Sentinel Steel Records.

Whoa…this is going to be done in a single CD as a 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Right now only the second pressing CD is for sale from the band direct over at blackdeathband*com,

You have to go into the merchandise section, and comes in a t-shirt and CD combo pack..

This is better than nothing, and since the 2 CD version will sellout fast, and there has been tons of delays the 3rd pressing. The first pressing was done by the band with Shifty Records, a long time ago. So the 2 ND  pressing should satisfy your metallic needs untill the upcoming Auburn Records, CD re-edition will be finally pressed, and in the stores, and then glued to your CD player..!!!!!!!