Exodus Bonded by Blood…is one of top 10 albums in the history of heavy metal. The rating for this album released in

April 1985

100 out of 100

Full score.

This is the second pressing of this title by Century Media, originally in 1999, when Century Media Records bought the classic part of the Combat/ Important back catalouge, and then again 2008, but the p & c reads 1999. So if you have had over 20 or 30 copies of this in your collection, during your life as a metal fanatic that does not matter, because this pressing retires, the previous edition.

What I am rating here is the Century Media 9962122 edition.

100 out of 100 Full Score

Cat # 9962122

EAN 5 051099 621220-

MATRIX 52681522/9962128 21

This has a completely different backlayout in comparison to the last 7 pressings.

The booklet on this edition is stellar, and I consider it a true collectors item; of this ESSENTIAL / CLASSIC/ MIND-RIPPING/ KICK*ASS/ MIND-BLOWING/ METAL KLASSIKER.

Bonded by Blood – 0 -graphy

Torrid/ Combat/ Important  8019 (1985) Original Pressing with Memory Tech Matrix

Combat/ Relativity 8019 (1989) Mastered by Nimbus Matrix 2 bonus tracks and different backlayout

Music For Nations MFN 44 (1989) 2 bonus tracks and different back layout

Combat/ Relativity 8019 different artwork (red bones) and different booklet 1992 pressing DADC matrix

Century Media 66024 different back layout same as LP version 1999

Icarus Argentina Icarus 206 2006

Century Media 9962122 2008 Pressing

Century Media 9962128 2008 Pressing in slip case

Glad to see the 8th pressing of this CD around, I am always looking to update a tattered original pressing of this, and with the reissue of this, get 2 copies, and use one as a “beater” disc, and a second one, AS A TRUE COLLECTORS ITEM; because it is a stellar re-edition, and a ESSENTIAL PURCHASE.

Looking forward to the next repressing of this legendary title.

I love the aesthetically pleasing qualities of the version 996212, so much I will get a couple of more copies…The CD booklet insert, is a poster, with tons of vintage pictures, and the back layout uses the Bonded By Blood font for the track listing, and the Evil Twin, appears on the back cover, and the CD artwork, is very simple and effective, using the Exodus and Bonded By Blood logos.