Since I have yet to do a review board of my record collection. One artist I am a total fanatic and true beliver of is the worlds fastest and greatest shredder of alltime The Great Kat.

So Print this out, and put it in your back pocket or in your wallet, and get everything she has ever recorded in CD or DVD, since this is total essential classic metal mayhem, done by a artist who has her own original one of a kind style, and plays metal in a total KICK*ASS METAL way.

Very few bands has a perfect discography, only a few come to mind. And the Great Kat is one of them. Her artistry comes in two main eras.

The RoadrunneR record years where her brand of metal is called HyberSpeed and the internet era, aka the death metal era and her brand of metal is called CyberSpeed.

So here are my ratings for the back catalogue of the Great Kat. Since this has never been done anywhere else before in a serious way.

* denotes LP’s 7 songs or more bold are total metallic classics

1986 Satan Says (NO CD yet) 90 out of 100
1987 WORSHIP ME OR DIE! 100 out of 100 *
1990 Beethoven on Speed 100 out of 100
1996 Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed 95 out of 100
1997 Guitar Goddess 100 out of 100
1998 Bloody Vivaldi 95 out of 100
2000 Rossini’s Rape 95 out of 100
2002 Wagners War 100 out of 100*
2005 Extreme Guitar Shred DVD 100 out of 100
2008 Total Insanity 100 out of 100 </strong
2009 Beethoven Guitar Shred DVD 100 out of 100
2011 Beethoven Shreds 100 out of 100

The ratings of these are subject to change, ie a higher rating, if the music casuses a higher level more intense experience of metallic evocation, ie getting floored and being in awe of that which is KICK*ASS METAL…