Circa 2011

One of my favorite vocalist of all-time wearing a t-shirt of one of KICK*ASS*METAL’S new favorite vocalist of alltime Jessicka Addams Jack*off*Jill and Scarling FAME * Jessicka Addams and Lindsay Schoolcraft are KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame members. Photo courtesy of Matt Throop Photography.

PERSON OF THE YEAR Lindsay Schoolcraft *The Lindsay Schoolcraft- era of Cradle of Filth began of Feb 20th, 2013


Crest of Darkness * IN THE PRESENCE OF DEATH * Release date. February 25th, 2013. IT WAS ON A FULL MOON NIGHT, f@!# yea!!!


The Monolith Deathcult * Tetragrammaton * Supreme Avant Garde Death Metal.  Top 666 extreme metal  album of alltime

Coven * JINX…ordering it as we speak, without this band, this place KICK*ASS*METAL would not exist, so f!@* yeah, COVEN RULES !!!

HELL * Curse and Chapter * Nuclear Blast Records….features world class guitarist and record producer ANDY SNEAP…buy or f@!*#@! DIE !!!

Hanzel Und Gretyl * Hanzel Und Gretyl Fur Immer

Cadaveria * Horror Metal

The Vision Bleak * The Witching Hour

Tristania * Darkest White

Avatarium * Avatarium * features World Class Vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith

Leaves Eyes *Symphonies of the Night

Atrocity *  Okkult

Sirenia * Perils of the Deep Blue

Trail of Tears * Oscillation

Watain * The Wild Hunt

Necrophobic * Wombs of Lilithu

Deicide * In The Minds of Evil

Vulture Industries * The Tower


Satyricon * Satyricon

Satan * Life Sentence

Witch Cross * Axe to Grind

Enforcer * Death By Fire

Benedictum * Obey

Motorhead * Aftershock


Coven13* Destiny of the Gods *SHADOW KINGDOM’S RECRODS


Coven * Witchcraft Reaps Minds and Destroys Souls. Nevoc Records / Cat # Nevoc 13

Tristania * World Of Glass. 2001 CD with current, circa 2005 EAN style

Mysticum * Lost Masters of The Universe

Metallica * Kill ‘em All * Blackened Recordings

Metallica * Ride The Lightning * Blackened Recordings

Metallica * Master of Puppets * Blackened Recordings

Trauma * Scratch and Scream * Shrapnel Records 1984 LP and 1982 Cliff Burton- era Metallica fame demo as bonus tracks

Septic Flesh * Ophidian Wheel * 3 Bonus tracks and New Artwork. A Beauty and the Beast Vocalist Configuration Timeless Masterpiece.

Best Heavy Hard Rock album

Diabla (NORWAY) * I’ll Be Damned * Released October 31st, 2013

Best DVD’S

Cadaveria * Karma 2 DVD Set ….BUY OR DIE !!!

PERSON OF THE YEAR Lindsay Schoolcraft *The Lindsay Schoolcraft- era of Cradle of Filth began of Feb 20th, 2013