Oh man alive!!!..I say OSLO, Norway ..and everyone comes running to the internet…!

Sure I love Norwegian Gothic Metal and Norwegian Black Metal, and Norwegian avant garde more than the next person. But this band, has in its ranks, a World Class Drummer, Tarald Lie, Jr. From a top 100 band in there field, probably a top 5 band, when you really think about it.

Anyone who writes a metal history book and forgets to include a chapter on Tristania, has committed career suicide and good riddance..!!!!!!

This ROCK STAR and ROCK GOD…lights up this classic VIDEO, which I just think RULES over all, and brings mind of the stellar playing of such mind blowing classic such as…Steeler “Steeler” 1983 CD with Yngwie Malmsteem. Ron Keel was the Steeler vocalist, who went on to great fame with his band KEEL, later on teaming up with Gene Simmons of Kiss fame. and anything from 1980’s -era Ozzy Osbourne, no matter who the guitarist was, Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee, and Zack Wilde.

I have not been this excited about a REAL hard rock band since THE DARKNESS released the all time mind blowing classic ” I Believe In a Thing called Love”…back when that was a new song, I could be seen around town, singing to that, classic song because that CD was glued into my Walkman. Chillin and singing “I believe in a Thing Called Love”.

It would rule over all if Diabla, catches on with the Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, Kiss, Stryper, Joan Jett, Halestorm fanbase.

Party like it is 2013 to this classic track titled “SMALL TALK”

Right now the axe slinger for Diabla is GIOVANNI GEE, and when he appears in a essential must watch music video, I will do his spotlight..!!!