Extreme Pagan Metallers FORTID are celebrating the start of 2014 with the release of a video for the title track from their 2012 album “Pagan Prophecies”.  The video was filmed and edited by Hannu Mikola of Visual Vortex and includes footage of the band performing live during their 2013 tour of Finland, as well as a series of images that point to the doom of mankind .  Mikola accompanied the band throughout the tour and filmed their performance of the song each night.  “Pagan Prophecies” can be seen below and on FORTID’s YouTube channel at


FORTID was originally formed by Icelandic musician Einar Thorberg (CURSE, DEN SAAKALDTE) as a solo project in 2002, and the subsequent release of what is known as the Völuspá Trilogy, comprising three full-length albums, “Thor’s Anger”, “The Arrival of Fenris” and “Fall of the Ages”, established FORTID’s reputation and led to Thorberg’s…

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