February 28th sees TROLLFEST release a digital single from their upcoming sixth full-length album “Kaptein Kaos”.  The single, titled “Ave Maria”, recounts one of the adventures that befall the time-travelling hero of the album Kaptein Kaos, who ends up in Jerusalem during his travels and meets an attractive, and very willing, young maiden who he seduces with a song. Nine months later, and with the eponymous hero long gone, the maiden finds herself in somewhat of a tricky situation, especially as she lives in a puritan village, so she explains that her child was “sent from God”.  As with the album, artwork for “Ave Maria” is by the Swedish cartoonist Jonas Darnell and designer Terje Johnsen. “Ave Maria”  will be available on NoiseArt Records from all the usual digital distributors including:


“Kaptein Kaos” itself (about which KORPIKLAANI’SJonne Järvelä…

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