Picture above Promo photo session for the legendary 2014 PROMO photo sessions

Here is my new favorite vocalist nowadays Fernanda Lira, wearing a KICK*ASS*METAL, all time favorite band Mercyful Fate t-shirt, since October 1982, or so when their first EP came out, when I was in 9th grade, back in 1982/1983 school year

Here is a top 10 favorite video of all time, I start my day of with this then I go and get coffee and energy drinks ( I prefer NOS over the others)…this video really gets the blood flowing and whips me into a frenzy!!!

Besides being a World Class Vocalist her other METALLIC WEAPON OF CHOICE is the BASS GUITAR.

Nerovsa is a POWER TRIO, that plays with talent, conviction and most importantly POWER

Here are 2 KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame members in the same photo. Fernanda Lira NERVOSA FAME,and DORO PESCH Warlock and Doro FAME..!! Fernanda Lira is wearing a SLAYER t-shirt in this one. Every 1980’s metal fan, worship Slayer since debut album in December 1983. “Show NO Mercy” was released, right around Christmas winter break, circa 1983/1984. My 10th grade, school year.


this is an older article updated with more info.

So since that time a new video emerged and it is called

Nervosa Death! which is the 2014 video of the year from the DEBUT album of the year 2014 * Nervosa “Victim of Yourself” which was unleashed on Planet Metal on Feb 28th 2014


Here is the most original 1st known, biography of Fernanada Lira this information is courtesy of there 1st official website before the current website went live. A couple of months ago (get exact date — editor)

Known and knowledgeable of the underground metal scene, Fernanda Lira upsets any stereotype that girls do not know how to play heavy music.Merging energy and aggression in her playing and behave onstage, the bassist and vocalist come for several years, advocating and raising the flag of the passion for metal.
Fernanda discovered her love for music at an early age, being influenced playing bass at age 13 by her father, also a bassist, and also by her biggest idol from childhood: Steve Harris, the band Iron Maiden.
Self-taught, never attended classes to develop their technical and footprint, always with his ear and dedication as best allies in this musical journey. Still, her ability is always well recognized in their work and in their compositions stand down because “the play dramatically. She is very creative and more interesting is precisely the fact of his instrument always be quite audible” commented Pierre Cortes, reviewer of the most trusted heavy metal in Latin America, Whiplash.Net.
Eliminating the use of blades and investing in ridings with fingers, Fernanda does not hide her biggest influences: besides the aforementioned, she also admires and has always been inspired by bassists such as Geezer Butler, Steve Di Giorgio, Geddy Lee, Ron Royce and Markus Grosskopf , which is reflected in its bold attempts to take down the function of only ‘mark’ the rhythm of the songs.
Have her vocal inspirations are completely different. Preferred since childhood to learn to sing and imitate their idols like Tarja Turunen metal, Geoff Tate and Michael Kiske. However, after experiencing more torn backing vocals on one of her previous bands, began to migrate to a different style of singing, relying mostly on large vocalists and bassists idols like Tom Araya, Slayer, and Schmier, Destruction of thrash legend.
Fernanda started her career in bands at age 15, in a group that blended with traditional melodic metal. Soon after, she formed along a former bandmate to Hellarise, with whom she recorded her first audio record, which got some success: thanks to the record where his low “draws attention so incredible” (Christiano KODA, Whiplash. Net), this former band was featured in an issue of the magazine Roadie Crew and was selected to the São Paulo round the Wacken Metal Battle.
For reasons of personal and musical differences divergence, Fernanda was removed from this former band, for no more want to follow the cliché that is emerging among bands with female component, which is to practice the musical lines similar to the vocalist Angela Gossow of Arch and her cronies Enemy, for example.
Judging by his way of composing, Fernanda has always maintained a greater preference to the style that provides fast thrash metal, and after some time away from the scene, the bassist went to look for new members to form a new group of metal, this time making a sound purely thrash, and preferably, old school. After several attempts, she was invited to participate in Nervosa, where she took both posts bassist and vocalist, and who is conquering its space again on the scene, closing major partnerships and sponsorships for the band, and playing through several states in Brazil.
Currently, Fernanda Lira has been improving their old techniques and developing new, especially as regards the vocal lines and compositions with Nervosa, and works in the area of ​​music journalism, as a reporter and photographer from radio Heavy Nation of UOL, and columnist for the site Whiplash.Net.
Here is Nervosa thrash biography page @ The Flaming Arts Management and Booking Agency

NERVOSA thrash

All female Brazilian thrash metal trio from São Paulo. The music composed by the girls in NERVOSA has strong influences on thrash metal, mixed with original and personal elements inserted by each of the band members on the songs.

Even joining, in the past, bands from different styles, like punk, hardcore, death metal and crossover, all band members see in NERVOSA’s music one common passion: thrash metal. With strong influences from classic old school bands, such as Slayer, Sepultura, Exodus, Ratos de Porão, Pantera, Napalm Death, the girls try to pick up what’s best on this old school heavy music, like the 80′s style, so loved among the metalheads.

The band started in february 2010, Prika Amaral and Fernanda Terra knew each other and had the same will to play thrash metal. After a long time looking for bassplayers and singers, many rehearsals, and 4 composed songs, it was only in July 2011 that the girls got to know Fernanda Lira that immediately joined the band, assuming both positions singer and bassplayer in the band. To complete the team, Karen, from Curitiba, Brazil and band’s old friend, does her first rehearsal in august 2011.
But, in the beginning of 2012, guitarist Karen Ramos, due to personal reasons related to her distance from the city of São Paulo, opted to leave the band and move on with other projects.
The other band members, then, decided to go ahead with the band as a power trio, discarding the possibility of another guitarplayer entering the band.

In March 2012, the band launched their first video clip for the song ‘masked Betrayer’, that reached the incredible mark of 20 thousand views in only a week, what led them to receive an honorable mention from YouTube, in the post of 17th most viewed artists video and 55th most viewed in the month of March.

Thanks to the notoriety conquered through their hardwork, NERVOSA, in the following months, got two huge achievements.
The first one was the deal with american manager Jeff Keller, who also represent great band like Destruction and Hirax.
The other big news was the band inking a deal with the Austrian record label Napalm Records, which has in their roster names like Grave Digger, Hate, tiamat, Huntress, among others.
The first band’s recording, a 3-track demo, was released in Brasil in CD, independently by the name ’2012′ in august, and worldwide by Napalm Records, in turquoise, and later, purple vinyl version and by Nuclear Blast in clear, and later, red vinyl version, both entitled as ‘Time of Death’, which coverart was designed by artist Andrei Bouzikov, who has already worked with many bands previously, such as Municipal Waste.
In october, drummer Fernanda Terra leaves the band due to personal reasons and incompatibility of ideas.

Nervosa ends the year of 2012 with a very positive balance with almost 50 shows made around Brazil, and, among them, playing with bands like Exodus, Raven, Grave, Samael (in the festival Roça N Roll, where the played thanks to a contest the won, which took them to the finals and, after, to play in the festival), Exumer, Artillery.
2013 already starts with full steam for the band: they already played along with Destruction in São Paulo, started a mini tour in the North and Northeast of Brazil, in places they had never played before, signed with the European booking agency The Flaming Arts for a future tour around that continent, and started the recordings for the first full-length which must be out in the middle of this year.


Fernanda Lira-o-garphy

Done in a timeline sequence

2008 * HellGard * Rise of a Kingdom * Bass and BACKING VOCALS ** DEMO

2010 * HellArise * Human Disgrace * Bass* DEMO
August * 2010

2012  Nervosa * Masked Betrayer * Bass/ Vocal ** OFFICIAL VIDEO
Metal Works Audio Visual Edition
Metal Works Audiovisual
11 4107-0888

2012 * Nerovsa * 2012 DEMO original Cover
Private Pressing * Self Released

2012 * Nervosa * Time of Death ** Bass/Vocals
LP 1st Pressing ** (re-edition of 2012 demo different artwork, new title)
1st 150 Limited Turquoise Vinyl and 2nd Limited 150 Clear Vinyl

2012 * Nervosa * Masked Betrayer * Bass/ Vocals **Official Video
Oct 5, 2012
Napalm Records

2013 * Nervosa * Time of Death ** Bass/Vocals
LP 2nd Pressing **(re-edition of 2012 demo different artwork and, new title)
1st 150 LIMITED Red Vinyl and 2nd Limited Purple Vinyl
March * 2013

2013 * FANTTASMA * Anothoer Sleepless Night ** CD **
Guest Vocalist on tacks 3 and 5, Fernanda Lira provides cleans vocals

2013 * Torture Squad * Esquadrão de Tortura

2014 * Nervosa* Death! * Bass/ Vocals * Official Video
Napalm Records

2014 * Nervosa * Victim of Yourself * Bass/Vocals ** CD
1st European Pressing Napalm Records Austria

2014 * Nervosa * Victim of Yourself * Bass/Vocals ** CD
March*28*2014 1st USA Pressing Napalm Records Canada/USA
The European And USA * CD stickers are completely different for those who purchased this
On The First day it was released

2014 * Nervosa * Victim of Yourself * Bass/Vocals ** CD
March*20*2014 1st Japanese Pressing* Spritual Beast Japan

2014 * Nervosa * Victim of Yourself * Bass/ Vocals ** CD
March*30*2014 1st Brazil Pressing * Diehard Records Brazil

Fernanda Lira

Accomplishment / Achievements

Fernanda Lira is the ONLY  World Class Bassis/t Vocalist who is a KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame member BEFORE a debut album was released. This is a historic first

Top 20 favorite artist of all time @ KICK*ASS*METAL

This is there official rating / ranking @ KICK*ASS*METAL

KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame Member nominated as a World Class Vocalist in the styles of 1980’s metal and style of 1990’s metal. Traditional Metal and True Metal what the mainstream calls EXTREME METAL or Dark Metal

March 1st 2012

For the Video of the year 2012

Nervosa “Masked Betrayer”

Video of year winners 2012, 2014

Nervosa * Masked Betrayer  * 2012

Nervosa * Death! 2014

Debut album of the year 2014

Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

TOP 10 album of the year 2014 * Ingternational

Categories. Traditional, Thrash, MOST authentic

*Worlds Greatest thrash band winners – International

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

*Fernanada Lira Joined

Nervosa in July, 2011

Nervosa thrash, as a power trio.

This is when Nervosa was a quartet in 2011 * Fernanda Lira Joins Nervosa in July 2011




# 1 RATED IN THE DEATH METAL STYLE FOR THE DECADE 2010 IS Mallika Sundramurthy of Abnormality fame




Below photo caption * March 6 * 2013
“Raise your fist if you’re anxious to listen to our new album, which is being recorded right now!!!