Terrorizer Magazine is exclusively streaming the whole of “Längtan”, the third full-length album from Sweden’s Depressive Black Metallers VANHELGA ahead of its release date. “Längtan” can be heard, in its entirety, at

Formed in Linköping, Sweden, in 2001 by musicians looking for an outlet for their own expression and creativity rather than having to perform other people’s music, VANHELGA’s distinctive, and at times unsettling, sound  straddles the divide between the Black Metal and DSBM genres.  Today’s lineup includes founder J. Ottosson, aka 145188 (former live session musician for LIFELOVER and ex-SKOGSTRON) on Bass, Guitars and Vocals, J. Gabrielson (ESKAPI, ex-LIFELOVER) on Vocals, J. Ejnarsson (TAKETH) and Wadström (ex-SKOGSTRON) on guitars and D. Franzén on drums.

Set for release in both CD and vinyl formats, the digi pack version of “Längtan”  will hit the streets through the German label Art of Propaganda on the 28th April, while the LP version…

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