Above is one of the greatest hard rock / heavy metal videos of all-time, featuring the KICK*ASS*METAL #1 rated / ranked hard rock album of the decade 2010 and for the 21st century.

Below is an interview that will enlighten you on why this band is so rated so high @ KICK*ASS*METAL and the heavy metal hall of fame (our hall of fame is just the top 700 of every year, and) for those not up on California hard rock/ heavy metal . Edge of Paradise is our # 1 ranked rated band of the decade 2014 and the 21st Century.

“Once in a while a new band comes along that not only has a unique sound of itsʼ own but draws upon all the things we love about metal or rock to begin with. Edge of Paradise are one of the best bands to come out in some time.” quote found in legendary rock.

And @ KICK*ASS*METAL we say f!@# yeah and agree with that 100% AND THEN SOME, there will be a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame wing in the honor for the Edge of Paradise lead vocalist, in the near future, (right now there is a wing she shares with 4 other KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame members-editor) …@ KICK*ASS*METAL we doubt we will ever get a chance to find a World Class Vocalist of this caliber, ever again, in our life time, and I have been listening to heavy metal the underground stuff since the summer of 1980.

Edge of Paradise is a one in a 7 billion band, and if your a fan of all World Class music in the hard rock and heavy metal genre. Edge of Paradise back catalogue

MUST BE #1 on you want list ASAP….!!!!!!!!!

Without bands such as Edge of Paradise, there is just simply no KICK*ASS*METAL, it is because of World Class Vocalist and World Class bands such as Edge of Paradise is why KICK*ASS*METAL and the heavy metal hall of fame was founded in the first place.

As a fan of heavy metal since 1978, I know what exactly I am talking about, I never disowned my Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Ozzy Osborne Randy Rhodes – era albums, because I discovered Tygers of Pan Tang, Iron Maiden and the likes in the Summer of 1980. And as a fan of Bay Area thrash metal since its inception, if Bay Area thrash ever makes a come back in the death metal age, since 1991. Every heavier heavy metal guitarists in California, better learn the true original music of Dave Bates, right away inside out…this music must be part of the California hard rock / Metallic DNA of every California fanatic of original music, originating from that part of the world on Planet Metal ….

Edge of Paradise is a band that should be heard buy every fan of original music, on this planet. When thinking about

1000 albums everyone must hear, in there life-time

Edge of Paradise “Mask”, “Perfect Shade of Black” and “Immortal Waltz” belongs on that list at the upper 1% title, since the band ranked / rated # 1 @ KICK*ASS*METAL for the decade 2010, and for the 21st century.

So when you get those 3 albums Edge of Paradise albums “Mask” Perfect Shade of Black” and “Immortal Waltz”  it is 3 down 997 to go in finding the top 1000 albums of all-time…and trust me, flip through the pages of KAM…you can  have a KICK*ASS hard rock/ avant garde / heavy metal record collection….