Written by : Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral * Lyrics by : Fernanda Lira

Disorganized State, organized crime
Fear is taking over, hate being spread
fight for equality, so there’s no excuses
Not a society’s product, but their own choice’s

A Covered Up Civil War
Laws Done By Outlaws
Lives taken in vain
Terror practiced for fun

Twisted Values
Twisted Values

No role modles to follow, no enough laws to punish
Being evil is good, violence is usual

Killings going on and nothings done
Don’t do it by need, it’s pleasure (casuse) they’ll be free

Until when lives will be valueless?
Until when we’ll sustain them?
Until when we’ll be victim’s of their responsibilities?

Twisted Values
Twisted Values


Written by: Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Fernanda Lira

Children defenseless against cowards
Torture, abuse, harm
Leave Marks, satisfy desires
Evil pest, what is going on?

of the filthy hands
of doing nothing
suffering in silence
they just can’t forget

Justice be Done
Silent Hurt
Justice be Done

Nowhere to run or to hide
No enough laws to punish or fight
The family won’t listen their cry
I speak in the name of this child

Written by: Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Fernanda Lira

Wake up and fight!
Wake up and fight!

While you’re hungry-they feed their greed
While you’re homeless-they live confomfortably
While you’re dumb-they steal your money
When you’re blingd-they make fake promises

Own benefit
Death of Ethic
Power Games
Laughing at ya

The raise up the flag of fucking likes
They betray us who should be (their) allies
Submit us to their shitty corruption

People don’t know
Were on Control!


Written by: Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Prika Amaral

Time becoming a loss
Transforming every minute in pain
Won’t escape, took the blame, cold blood
Searching the unthinkable

Want to make otherwise
A moment of pure ambition
Seeking a reversal mode
You won’t get nothing from revenge

Search will be constant
Return won’t exist
Time Will be lost
No Satisfaction

Are the Consequences of his revenge
Are the principle of his defeat now
Are the values of your life now


Written by: Prika Amaral, Fernanda Lira and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Fernanda Lira
Watch other thrive
Corrodes you inside
Wasted Struggle
Insult to your self-worth

You envy but you don’t recognize the hard work
My wise piece of mind-your frustration inside

Shut, move,
No words, but action
Shut, move
Pursuit satisfaction

It made me stronger
I forgave the slander
Incompetence, hate
Makes you feel this way

Trust your value
Do it better
Don’t envy other
Have your merits


Written by: Prika Amaral, Fernanda Lira and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Prika Amaral

A loser
A weak
A coward
Not able to build

Your life a mistake
Stealing won’t change you better

Inability, agony will go over you
Coward character
The hate, disgrace is what you’re gonna get

Your not free – and will never will be
Your not free – mistaken obsession

Morbid courage
Morbid and lost

Freed is lost
You choose the evil path

Your life – disgrace
You’ll pay for what you caused


Written by: Prika Amaral, Fernada Lira Lyrics by: Prika Amaral

The line is formed, wait for your turn, it’s going to come
Your are not alone and not going to die alone
There is a wall of people like you, afraid and crying, begging for life
Memories from your past, despair in your mind, the time has come

Bullet in the skin
Bullet in the head

Draining blood
Aiming The target
The end, the execution

Death! Death! Death!
Death! Death! Death! Shots fired

What was your sin? Why are you there? Do you deserve it?
Is if fair? Is it right? Is it wrong? What is justice?
Is it a education matter? Is it a religion matter?
Is it a culture matter?
What is going on?


Written by: Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral and Fernanda Terra Lyrics by: Fernanda Lira

Join the army, get in the violent mosh
Metal taking over
Arise your fistful of metal
Join the art of partying
Don’t care (about) the morning after

Bangers are bonded by blood
So the legacy survive
There’s no space for ignorance
There’s no malicious intent

No illusions
Grin on face
Show no mercy
This is thrash zone

The most terror squad
Is possessed by fire
Extreme aggression
Metal pandemonium

Into moshpit
Into moshpit
Into moshpit
Into moshpit


Hunger compresses the stomach, despair increasing
Skin and bones, weakness, anemia and diseases

The cold from the ground freezes the sould
People despise deep misery
Who cares, does nothing change
Tis is no impossible for anyone

Anybody cares?
Anybody care?

The pain not to be nothing
the pain not to ben anyone anyone
The pain not to be anymore
The pain to be exclude

Deep misery
Deep misery
Deep misery
Deep misery

The pain of hunger is not a reason
People pretend not to see
Who care, dones not contribute
Any you can be in this situation

Repeat chorus

A bother of a hard ground bring pain
People ignore what they see
Who cares, doesn’t really help others
This can not happen to you, you are not free

Anybody cares?
Anybody cares?

Lyrics by: Fernanda Lira

The real you isn’t what you show
Your Not authentic
Blame others for your flaws
It is easier than admitting them

A lack inside, hidden by pride
Victim’s the hurt child lying inside


Victim of
Victim of yourself
Victim of
Victim of yourself

It is the only way to get your need’s satisfaction
It is the only way you’ll get attention
It is the only way you’ll deserve compassion
It is the only way you can fell you’re special


You think you’re always right
Never Swallow your pride
Don’t admit your wrong
Hurt the ones who love you


Created a safe, lunatic world to run from yourself
Afraid, you know you’ll be alone when truth overcome this lies

(Your) freak attitudes will come back to you
Don’t say you got nothing to do with the disgrace


It is the only way (you) play the kid forever
It is the only way you won’t admit your shallow
But beware you’re creating your own prison
You’ll only become crazy, faker and alone


Lyrics: By Prika Amaral

Condenados a morte
Condenados ao cancer
Devstaco atomica
Invadindo o nosso sangue

Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos

Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos


Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos

Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos
Uranio em nos





100 out of 100 blood dripping skulls

FEB 28, 2014


SINCE NERVOSA is the 34th Band in 1980′s / 1990′s metal band, to be the WINNER OF THE DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2014. Here is the list of the best of the best !!!
Best debut albums

2014 * Nervosa * VICTIM OF YOURSELF

2013 Latern * Below

2012 Abnormality * Contaminating the Mind Hive

2011 The Konsortium * The Konsortium

2010 Triypkon * Eparistera Daimones

2009 FEN* The Malediction Fields

2008 Hail of Bullets…of Frost and Blood

2007 Slavia * Strength and Vision

2006 Iperyt * Totalitarian Love Pulse

2005 Crucified Barbara * In Distortion we trust

2004 The Amenta * Occasus

2003 Disiplin (NORWAY) * Disiplin

2002 Bloodbath * Resurrection Through Carnage

2001 Dragonlord * Rapture

2000 Hypnosia * Extreme Hatred

1999 The Kovenant * Animatronic

1998 Ritual Carnage * The Highest Law

1997 Nocturnal Breed * Agressor

1996 Impiety * Asateerul Awaleen

1995 Usurper * Diabolosis

1994 Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

1993 Necrophobic * The Nocturnal Silence

1992 Incantation * Onward to Gologatha

1991 Dismember * Like A Ever Flowing Stream

1990 Deicide * Deicide

1989 Morbid Angel* Altars of Madness

1988 Sabbat * History of A Time To Come

1987 Death * Scream Bloody Gore

1986 Exumer * Possessed By Fire

1985 Exodus * Bonded By Blood

1984 Bathory * Bathory

1983 Slayer * Show No Mercy

1982 Tank * Filth Hounds of Hades

1981 Venom * Welcome To Hell

1980 Tygers of Pan Tang * Wildcat

TOP 100 albums of all time NERVOSA “VICTIM OF YOURSELF”

Abnormality * Contaminating The Hive Mind * 2012
Acheron * Rites of The Black Mass
Annihilator * Alice in Hell
Assassin * The Upcoming Terror
Bathory * Blood Fire Death
Bathory * Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Bestial Warlust * Blood and Valour
Bloodreaping * Ignis Penumbra
Carpathian Forest (NORWAY) * FUCK YOU ALL !!!!!!!
Centuions Ghost * A Sign of Things To Come
Coroner * RIP
Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Crest of Darkness* Sinister Scenerio
Crest of Darkness* The Ogress
Crest of Darkness * Project Regeneration
Crest of Darkness * Evil Knows Evil
Crest of Darkness* Give Us Power To Do Your Evil
Crest of Darkness* In The Presence of Death
Crown of Thorns (Sweden) * Eternal Death
Dark Angel * Darkness Descends
Death * Scream Bloody Gore
Death Angel * The Ultra- Violence
Destruction * Infernal Overkill
Deicide * Deicide
Disiplin (NORWAY) * Anti-Life
Dismember * Like a Every Flowing Stream
Entomed * Left Hand Path
Exodus * Bonded By Blood
Exumer * Possessed By Fire
Exumer * Rising By The Sea
Fleshcrawl * Bloodred Massacre
Gravehill * Rites of the Pentagram * 2009
Hellcannon * Infected With Violence
Impiety * Skullfucking Armeggedon
Impiety Koas Kommand 696
Internal Bleeding * Vocarcious Contempt
Iperyt * Totalitarian Love Pulse * 2007
Killaman * Killman
Kings Evil * Deletion of Humanoise
Kreator * Pleasue TO Kill
Krisiun * Black Force Domain
Leviathan * The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide
Massacra (FRANCE) * Final Holocaust
Massacre * From Beyond
Metallica * Kill em All
Metallica * Ride The Lightning
Morbid Angel * Altars of Madness
Mythos * Pain Amplifier
Nercodeath * Into the Macabre
Necromessiah * Antiklerikal Terroristik Deathsquad
Nervosa (Brazil) * Victim of Yourself * 2014
Nightside * The End of Christianity
Nile * Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren Ka
Nocturnal Breed (NORWAY) * Agressor
Nocturnal Breed (NORWAY) * Fields of Rot
Nocturnus * The Key
Occult * Of Fleash and Blood
Occult * Elegy For The Weak
Pessimist * Blood For The Gods
Pestilence * Malleus Maleficarum
Possessed * Seven Churches
Onslaught * The Force
Rabelliun (BRAZIL) * Burn The Promise Land
Ritual Carnage * The Highest Law
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Envenom
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Envoke
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Disembody
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Fetishism
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Karisma
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Satanasword
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Karmagmassacre
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * …And the Sabbatical Queen
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * To Praise the Sabbatical Queen
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Sabbatrinity
Sabbat * (UNITED*KINGDOM) * History of a time to Come
Sadus * Swallowed in Black
Sepultura * Beneath The Remains
Slayer * Show No Mercy
Slayer * Haunting The Chapel
Slayer * Hell Awaits
Slayer * Live Undead
Slayer * Reign In Blood
Sinners Burn (Sweden) * Insanity Warmachine * 2010
Sodomizer (Brazil) * The Death Shall Rise To Kill * 2007
Surrender of Divinity * Oriental Hell Rhythmic
The Monolith Deathcult (Netherlands) * Tetragrammaton * 2013
Urgehal * Goatcraft Torment *
Warfect * Exoneration Denied * 2013
Walhalla * Firereich
Vader * The Ultimate Incantation
Vader * Litnay
Voi Vod * War and Pain
Zyklon (NORWAY) * Aeon