“Pregnant Is the Night” CD
supreme black/death metal assault from Italy! re-issue of their debut album from
2012! killer stuff! for fans of old Dissection, Morbid Angel, Impiety, etc.
features extreme female vocals!

“The Knave” CD
Ultra ripping late 80’s/early 90’s Speed/Thrash Metal from Australia, featuring
a former member of doom metal band Mournful Congretation!

“Not Dead Yet” CD
this amazing release collects the band’s 2 killer 80’s albums, “Raging Violence”
and “Hate, Fear, and Power”! An absolute must for fans of classic 80’s thrash
and crossover!

“Noise Chaos War” CD
this collects 3 different EP’s from these long running thrashers! “Barrage of
Noise”, “Chaos and Brutality”, and “Assasins of War”! Great way to hear all of
these out of print releases on one CD!

“El Rostro De La Muerte” CD
back in stock! 2009 return album from these oldschool masters of speed/thrash
metal! features artwork from the master, Ed Repka!

“Morituri te Salutant” CD
wicked and twisted black/death metal in the style of old Morbid Angel and
Blasphemy from Peru! a must for fans of the dark and damned! brand new album
from this long running cult band!

“As the Weird Travel On” CD
back in stock! 2005 masterpiece from the gods of true horror thrash/death/heavy
metal! Nobody like Deceased ever!

split CD
brand new split release featuring 2 up and coming Japanese metal bands! Evil
specializes in killer, Sodom-inspired speed/thrash metal, while Lurking Fear is
awesome oldschool grindcore! Features killer cover art from the mighty Putrid!
Japanese import release

other recent new stuff:

“From Far Beyond” CD
Official reissue, available on CD for the first time ever, of this mega-cult and
ultra-obscure Death Metal classic from the Spanish scene. Originally released on
tape (only 100 copies pressed!) in 1992, “From Far Beyond” was one of the very
first Death Metal albums to be released by a Spanish band. This fantastic
reissue features a terrific brand new artwork and layout by Cesar Valladares,
liner notes supplied by a few veteran Spanish scenesters and a fully detailed
bio-interview conducted and compiled by David Nevado (Bleak ‘zine). Remastered
by Morgul (of Morbid Yell fame), “From Far Beyond” is a collection of occult
Death Metal that is the embodiment of pure evil: sinful melodies of epic
proportions, down-tuned guitars, cavernous bass, aggressive tremolo riffs and
fast beats that lead the way to damnation, slower tempos with a tasteful use of
gloomy synth effects and acoustic guitars, demented reptilian howls with a
pleasant amount of reverb… Fans of underground, anach
ronistic and genuine Death Metal in the vein of Nihilist/Entombed, early Morbid
Angel, Unleashed and early Death, rejoice!

“Ziyadah” CD
Official reissue of the solitary album from this Dutch ensemble, originally
released in 1993, featuring the “Symphony of indictment” demo (1992) as bonus
tracks. This highly underrated and hideous gem from the old Dutch underground is
a monument of gloomy, rotting, dense and downtuned music from a band that
doesn’t waste any time on faint melodies but instead works to insinuate
deafening sounds of Doom with the heaviness and aura of Death Metal in a way
that will absolutely be revered by fans of bands such as Winter, Mythic,
Ceremonium, Asphyx, Dusk, Sempiternal Deathreign, Symphony Of Grief, Autopsy,
diSEMBOWELMENT, Rippikoulu, Castle and Eternal Darkness. All in all, “Ziyadah”
has a strange yet fascinating appeal to it that will keep you re-visiting it
over and over again for years and years to come

“The Charnel Expanse” CD
Ladies, gentlemen and aliens, say goodbye to your brain cells: Zealotry, from
Boston (U.S.A.), are here to turn them all into a bloody pulp of useless organic
garbage with their twisted, technical and surreal Death Metal that draws its
influences from innovating acts such as Demilich, Timeghoul, early Atrocity,
Immolation, Adramelech, Morbid Angel, Gorguts, The Chasm or Mitochondrion, and
mash them all up to create an aural entity of their very own in an escalating
war of sounds and harmonies. Featuring a terrific cover art by the talented
Finnish artist Turkka G. Rantanen (Demigod, Funebre, Depravity, Paganizer,
Adramelech…), Zealotry’s debut full-length CD, “The Charnel Expanse”
(previously only available as a digital download), is one of those few especial
albums that don’t come out very often in this generation

“Addiction to Musickal Dissection” CD
“Addiction to Musickal Dissection” is the long awaited debut full-length from
Italy’s deathmongers Morbo. Featuring current and past members of acts such as
Undead Creep, Haemophagus, Assumption or Corpsefucking Art, the band’s 2010 demo
entitled “Eternal City of the Dead” (released on tape through Dark Descent
Records and on 7″ EP through No Posers Please!) gained them some good following
amongst the fans of nasty, blood-drenched, atrocious and slow-to-mid paced Death
Metal. Now, after dwelling in the underground for half a decade, the time has
come to unleash some more filth upon the underground, the kind of odorous grime
that you’d get from mixing real life’s horrors, the dark side of the human mind
and the nastiest elements of bands such as Autopsy, Necrophagia, Possessed,
Master, early Death, Rigor Mortis, Nihilist/Entombed, Repulsion, Sadistic Intent
and Massacre. Displaying a brutal and massive production and featuring a
terrific cover art by Adam Geyer, “Add
iction to Musickal Dissection” is certain to become one of 2014’s highlights in
Death rotting Metal!

“Feretri” CD
3rd full-length album from this dark, Italian horror Doom Metal band, for fans
of Black Hole, Paul Chain, etc.! Import from Italy

“We Lead the Procession” CD
Special release that includes unreleased material from 1998 to 2009! A must for
fans of this killer and creepy horror Doom Metal band from Italy! Import version
and limited edition

“Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere” CD
Dark and morbid oldschool Death Metal from France, released in Italy! Import

“Endless Asphyxiating Gloom” CD
pure heavy old-school Canadian Death metal in the style of Autopsy, Bolt
Thrower, Morta Skuld, etc. dark and killer stuff!

“Lure of the Occult” CD
Back in stock! “Lure of the Occult” is 43 minutes of death metal done the
traditional way…with great riffs, putrid vocals and just the right amount of
atmosphere which will have you wondering why it took this band 10 years to puke
out this amazing full-length. Get it now! On sale for only 5 BUCKS!

Issue #2
ISSUE 2 NOW AVAILABLE from Razorback Publishing!
First of all, we would like to thank and show our appreciation to those who have
supported us and helped spread the word of Evilspeak. We feel that we owe a
mission statement on behalf of issue 2 and explain not only what is entailed in
the pages, but to remind you that just like issue 1, absolutely NO paid ads are
featured in this magazine. We stick by our motto of 0% filler, 100% KILLER! We
have worked our asses off to create a TRULY independent horror magazine that is
all about celebrating the love of the genre and nothing more! We also want to
share with you that we went even more pro with this issue and upped the game in
quality. This issue is a 108 page professionally offset printed magazine with
even more color this time on the front and inside covers (front and back).
Issue 2 is a true labor of love that was 6 months in the making, and is chock
full of so many great features that we don’t know how to pick the best of the
best, so we’re going to have a beefy list for you, so here we go: Lady
Frankenstein, Night of the Werewolf, The Beast Within, a 20-page medical report
styled write-up on Facial Deconstruction Surgery in movies, Skywald Comics,
Disciple of Death, Video Vixen: A Mom and Pop Video Store Retrospect, Jean
Rollin’s Fascination as well as an article on starlet Brigitte Lahaie, Six
Degrees of Dr. AC (Connecting these movies in one meaty feature: Death Line aka
Raw Meat, Dead & Buried, Frankenhooker, Let’s Scare Jessica To Death,
Nightmares, Blood Beach), Blood Ceremony aka the Female Butcher, Twins of Evil,
Buio Omega and a review of GOBLIN’s soundtrack, Rockrypt Vol. 2: Hard Rock
Zombies & Killer Party, Slash N’ Burn – Horror in Sword and Sorcery: Conquest &
The Sword and the Sorcerer, Joe D’Amato Tribute hailing
his movies including Death Smiled At Murder and Absurd, Dawn of the Mummy, Blood
on Satan’s Claw, Devil’s Wedding Night, Vampyres, Alucarda, AND MORE!
This issue also includes the debut of underground gore artist Matt Putrid’s very
own column for Evilspeak, GRAVE EXHUMATIONS! A four page hand written/drawn
feature that is full of sleazy, splatter insanity! Putrid dives into the
horrific world of two underrated 80’s horror gems: The Kiss and Mausoleum!
Artists who contributed original art for this issue are Don England (who did our
cover once again, but this time it’s a WRAP AROUND!), Putrid, Reuben
Splatterbeast, Shagrat, and more! Justin Stubbs once again provided an amazing
job on our layout.

“Inhale The Void” CD
Punk fueled, d-beat oldschool Death Metal from Germany in the Swedish style! for
fans of Tormented, Mr. Death, Revel In Flesh, and more! Import debut album

“Arcane Impurity Ceremonies” CD
Killer and demonic death metal from Spain influenced by Possessed, Immolation,
Morbid Angel, etc.! This is their brand new 4th album from 2014! Import release

“Beyond the Flesh” CD
back in stock! excellent debut album of pure oldschool Death Metal from
California for fans of old Death, Pestilence, Morbid Angel, etc.! Import release
from Germany

“Summoning Black Gods” CD
back in stock! pure oldschool Death Metal in the vein of Asphyx, early Morbid
Angel, and Nihilist from Germany! Import

“Hymns of Ghastly Horror” CD
back in stock! 4th album from this one-man oldschool Swedish death metal

“Deathevokation” CD
back in stock! debut from 2012 from this oldschool Swedish style Death Metal
band from Germany! a great first album! Import

“Iniquitous” CD
This underground American Death Metal classic from 1993 has finally been
officially re-issued! One of the most underrated bands and albums…a must for
true followers of pure cult death metal from the old days! Includes bonus live
tracks. Import from Spain

“Nespithe” CD
official re-issue of the cult early 90’s Finnish Death Metal classic! Includes
interview in the booklet, along with the killer demo, “The Four Instructive
Tales…of Decomposition” from 1991 as bonus tracks! Import from Spain.

“Awaken From Slumber” CD
These cult Finnish Death Metal creatures have returned with their first
full-length in many years! Released in 2013, this new album brings back the hell
and torment in full force! Cover art by Chris Moyen

“Those Who Choose The Fallen” 2CD
a 2 CD set from this oldschool early 90’s New York Death Metal band! The first
disc is an unreleased album recorded in 1996, and the 2nd disc is all of their
early 90’s cult demos! A must for fans of the early days of American East Coast
death metal. Import from Spain

“Scenarios of Brutality” CD
back in stock! the latest full-length album from one of the best modern thrash
metal bands around today! A must for pure thrash metal freaks! Import from

“s/t” CD
debut album from 2013 from this killer oldschool Swedish Death metal band
playing in the style of old Dismember, God Macabre, etc. A must for newer bands
like Funebrarum and Horrendous! Import from Sweden

“A Call From Beyond the Grave” CD
supreme dark and unpolished black metal from Canada! Pure oldschool darkness for
fans of Beherit and other masters of true evil! Import release from Sweden

“Troopers of Mayhem” CD
2nd full-length album from this Venom-inspired speed/heavy metal band from
Brazil! if you dig Motorhead, and other early and raw 80’s speed/metal bands,
you will love this filth! Import release

“For All Drunks ‘n Bitches” CD
ultra raw, drunken punk thrash metal from Brazil, inspired by Motorhead, Toxic
Holocaust, Discharge, Disrupt, Exciter, Venom, Bathory, etc.! a must for fans of
pure sleazy filth metal! Import

“Bloodthirsty Eyes” CD
7th and latest album from this long running evil thrash metal band from Germany!
If you love old Kreator and bands like Nocturnal, you will need this! import
from Brazil

“Empire of Dead” CD
Debut album from 2013 of pure speed/heavy metal from Brazil in the 80’s style!
Import release from Brazil. another great Kill Again Records release!

“Brutal Delivery of Vengeance” CD
brand new reunion album from this old Death Metal band from Texas, playing
extreme stuff in the old Baphomet, Pyrexia, and early-Suffocation style before
all of that stuff became completely useless! Import version from Spain

“Ignorance” CD
absolutely killer re-issue of this 1987 thrash metal classic with liner notes,
tons of photos, and bonus tracks! Official import re-issue! A must!

split CD
ultra killer horror-black-speed thrash from both bands from Brazil! All
exclusive, new material! This split will raise the dead! Import release

“Morbid Rites” CD
ultra-violent and wicked black/death from Brazil! a must for all filthy hounds
of hell! With songs such as “Tales From Beyond the Grave”, and “Black Alcoholic
Vomit”, you know this is the real deal! Import from Brazil

“Exhumed Sarcophagus: 1990 – 1994” CD
Entety were one of the sickest bands from the American death metal underground
in the early 90’s! Here is a collection CD that includes the “Cadaveric
Necrogrind” session from 1993, live at the Waters Club in 1990, and the Into the
Desolate session from 1994! comes in a slick digipak.

“Progression Towards Purgatory” CD
excellent, underrated early 90’s Death Metal from Texas! This collects the
“Afterbirth of Infamy” 1991 demo, “Abysmal Ascent” 7″ EP from 1992, and the
“Salvation Denied” EP from 1996!

“Murder All” CD
insane collection that has all of the band’s EP and demo material dating from
1992 to 1997! Pure, raw, brutal Death Metal from Spain before the trend exploded
in the late 90’s!

“Malleus Maleficarum” CD
classic 2nd album from this 90’s Swedish Death Metal legend! Re-issued with
booklet including interview with Martin Schulman. A must for fans of classic
90’s Swedish death metal! Import release

“s/t” CD
Cult classic debut 80’s thrash album from this insane German band! 1986 release!
A must for fans of early Sodom! Import release

“Apocalyptic Nightmare” CD
2nd album from 1987 from this cult German thrash metal horde! A must for fans of
classic 80’s thrash metal! Import release

“Metal Revolution” CD
2nd full-length album from this cult speed/thrash metal band from Germany!
Recorded in 1994! If you love classic speed metal, this is a must! Import

“Gallinazeous Death” CD
25 year thrash legends from Chile! 80’s crossover/thrash assault! Originally
recorded in 1989! Includes 8 bonus live tracks! For fans of Sarcofago, Ratos De
Porao, D.R.I., and Cryptic Slaughter! Import from China

“Dense Fog” CD
Debut album of extreme Japanese Doom/Death! Eerie melodies, extremely slow
rhythm parts, and a great contrast of dark tranquility and extreme aggression!
74 minutes of extreme doom, featuring Justin from Mournful Congregation as a
guest guitar player! High quality digipak import from Japan!

“Mystic” CD
rare and ultra obscure Doom/Death album from 1993 from Switzerland! re-issued
from the depths of hell! a must for pure doom and oldschool death fans! Import

“Atrocious” CD
Now available!
*The first 100 to order the HAEMOPHAGUS CD will receive a special limited
edition “BURIAL GROUND” magnet! The killer early 80’s splatter-zombie fest from
HAEMOPHAGUS “Atrocious” CD OUT NOW from Razorback Recordings! The 2nd
full-length album from Italy’s best ultra splatter-DEATH/GRIND HORROR GORE METAL
band! This 13 song monstrosity features some of the catchiest riffs and song
writing, deranged ravenous vocals, a battery assault of drumming, and a great
mixture of all true metal styles. “Atrocious” is THE Death/Grind album that
gorehounds have been STARVING for! HAEMOPHAGUS has been around for almost 10
years now, having released a ton of EP’s and playing tons of shows all over
Europe. A new personal standard has been set by the band on this new album. Try
to imagine a mix of Repulsion, Terrorizer, early-Carcass, along with
early-Slayer, Voivod, and Deceased! There is truly no band around today that
sounds like HAEMOPHAGUS!
This ghastly-grotesque masterpiece is now ready for ordering from Razorback, the
label that has been bringing you high quality horror-metal for 15 years now!

“The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” CD
Now available!
*The first 100 to order the LURKING EVIL CD will receive a special limited
edition “GHOST GALLEON” magnet! The classic 1970’s Spanish Blind Dead horror
LURKING EVIL “The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” CD OUT NOW from Razorback
Recordings! Unearthed from their deathly crypt, LURKING EVIL from Spain rises up
with their brand of catchy, demonic Thrash Metal with a blackened punk vibe
taking influences from the blood-thirsty Hammer horror films of the 70’s as well
as ultra-violent and atmospheric Spanish Horror. Combine that with an 80’s
Kreator, Bathory and early-Celtic Frost influence and you get instantly absorbed
into the Horror-Mood! “The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” is a 13 song
horror-metal shredder that will have you banging your head until you are
This morbid-metal masterpiece is now ready for ordering from Razorback, the
label that has been bringing you high quality horror-metal for 15 years now!

“Towards Divine Death” CD
The anticipated follow-up to 2009’s “Swallowed by the Void” (released on
Spinefarm Records). Finland’s Lie in Ruins make no missteps in delivering a 70
minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning 10 tracks, “Towards the Divine Death,”
displays a much more mature band and vision. While you will hear typical Lie in
Ruins moments on this album, make no mistake, this is a nastier and grittier
album that will leave you hoping the band doesn’t go five more years before
assaulting us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish death! Hail the divine

“Death Curse” CD
The new Gravehill album features over 35 minutes of powerful death metal in the
old-school vein and i threatens to be one of 2014’s most skin-grating albums.
Death Curse features artwork by Christopher Moyen (Incantation, Blasphemy and

“Awakened By an Eternal Death and Beyond” CD
killer collection CD from this 90’s oldschool Death Metal band from Florida!
includes “Scenes From an Obscure Death”, “Awakened by the Stench of the Dead”,
“Beyond, What the Eyes Can’t See”, and the “Eternal Rest” demo from 1992!
Includes 12 page booklet with photos, etc.!

logo T-SHIRT
high quality cotton Fruit of the Loom red logo on black t-shirt for Razorback’s
own horror film zine! sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL in stock!

BURIED ALIVE (horror film)
infamous Italian gore flick from 1979 aka Buio Omega! High quality Fruit of the
loom cotton t-shirts. Blue on black t-shirts.

Issue #1
From Razorback Publications comes the debut issue of Evilspeak Magazine
featuring the best in underground horror journalism!
80 terror-loaded pages with NO ads inside – all KILLER, NO filler!
Pro-printed, full sized zine with glossy cover.
Issue #1 features:
Gore Shriek comics retrospect (9 pages!)
Horror Rises from the Tomb
Chas Balun tribute
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Ulli Lommel interview with retrospects on “The Boogeyman” and “The Devonsville
Donald Farmer’s Drive-In Fever
Tourist Trap
Brides of Blood
Mad Doctor of Blood Island
Beast of Blood
RocKrypt Heavy Metal Horror w/Rocktober Blood & Hack-o-Lantern
Nightmare Maidens: Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss interview
Humanoids From the Deep
Without Warning
The Demon Lover aka The Devil Master
Cannibal Girls
+ much, MUCH more!!!
Also featuring killer artwork from Don England, Matt Putrid, Splatterbeast,
Slasher Dave, and more!

“The Barrens” CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! The long awaited 3rd album from the mighty
CRYPTICUS is finally here! 12 new songs of eerie, catchy, and horrific Death
Metal the way only CRYPTICUS delivers! Intense riffing in the classic Death
Metal style mixed with progressive horror synth music that is both original and
heavy at the same time. Mastermind Patrick Bruss has crafted a masterpiece of
the macabre, and you are all invited to join in on the madness! Included is a CD
only bonus track titled “The Breathing Tunnel” that is not available on any
other version of the album!

“Tear The Screams From Your Throat CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! HOWLING returns from the murky swamps to
deliver a special release filled with their pure Horror-Metal sound! “Tear The
Screams From Your Throat” is 30 minutes of total destruction filled with the
catchy, infectious thrash-laden riffs and guitar solos you loved from the first
album, along with the deadly and blood-thirsty female death metal vocals from
hell! This CD is NOT the band’s 2nd album, but an exclusive release that
features 7 songs (6 new and original Howling songs and 1 cover song from a
classic 80’s metal band) and has an incredible full color hand painted cover
from up and coming underground artist, Mario Lopez. A total throat-ripping
HOWLING-metal experience!

“Horror of the Zombies” CD
The 1992 classic is back, and better than ever! BACK in print! The 2nd album
from the wizards of gore is truly an underground horror/death metal masterpiece!
Razorback Recordings is proud to bring you the ultimate re-issue with
re-mastered sound, 2 bonus live tracks, 16 page full color booklet with even
more insane and detailed liner notes from legendary vocalist Stevo, descriptions
of each song, tons of photos, art, and cover art drawn by Stevo that was
originally only seen on a rare t-shirt from the early 90’s, as well as the
ORIGINAL cover art that you can flip over if you wish. This re-issue is an
essential must own release for long time fans of this incredible band and also
for those just hearing about them for the first time!

“Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” CD
Back in print from Razorback! The underground Death/Grind/Gore Metal classic
from 1990 has been re-issued with the originally banned cover art fully restored
in all its gory glory! The album has been re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from
Crypticus and includes the infamous “Faceless” EP along with bonus live tracks!
Also includes detailed liner notes from vocalist Stevo and all the old classic
artwork, show flyers, photos and more! This is the ultimate edition of this
beloved splatter classic! Uncle Creepy lives yet again!

Order through our safe online shopping cart with your credit card or paypal.
Money orders made payable to RAZORBACK RECORDINGS are also accepted.
Email with any questions you have!