Genre: Dutch Female Melodic Metal

La-Ventura is a Dutch female fronted melodic Metal/ Rock band founded in early 2007. With just one single out called “Trefoil”, it caught the eye of labels around the world, battling it out for an exclusive deal.
Eventually the band released their first full length album called “A New Beginning” in 2008 through USA based label Renaissance Records.

Though released in a period where Gothic was ‘the’ hottest thing for female fronted bands, it was clear La-Ventura made their own mark.
Press, critics and fans agreed on one thing: La-Ventura had its own sound: a great blend of melody mixed with Metal, topped with groove and powerful Rock vocals. It made the album accessible for a wider range of listeners instead of just one group. All these elements combined was and still is La-Ventura.

With an offer the band could not refuse, they forged an alliance with French top metal producer Didier Chesneau, to record the second full length the old-skool way.
Recording in a top studio blending analogue with digital, the sound of the band improved immensely.
The tracks gained in power and conviction, never losing the real live sound and feel. The whole experience brought out the best of La-Ventura.

La-Ventura’s second album is now a fact; “White Crow” has seen the light of days in 2013 with an independent release for The Benelux.
Even after three years of production, the album sounds fresh and huge!
The Benelux press could not believe that it was an independent release: this was one of the best productions they had ever heard!

What wasn’t in play for “White Crow”, was a full on release done by a label. Seemed very odd to the press: a band with this potential, but without a label?!
Well this statement turned quickly, cause the band signed not one but already two deals to release “White Crow” in a good part of Europe.

Labels Ravenheart Music Records UK and Valkyrie Rising are now working hard to fulfill their end of the bargain to release the album in The UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus a re-release will be done for The Benelux!
Valkyrie Rising will release a special edition of White Crow. The new digipack will have extended artwork, a booklet plus two bonustracks.

Both releases are planned for the first quarter of 2014, which will mean the new phase for the band, hopefully resulting in great critics and tours across Europe.

Carla van Huizen – Vocals
Sasha Kondic – Guitars
Mike Saffrie – Bass
Renzo van Poecke – Drums

Booking: BeNeLux

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Below is from a previous article, which are the results of the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame, voting committee nominations for the most original and authentic artist and female vocalist of all-time.

Kick*Ass Metal is highly based on the gothic metal movement, so there are a lot of artist we support that are female fronted rock/ metal / avant garde  artist.

KICK*ASS metal, specializes in the beauty and the beast vocalist configuration of the international gothic metal and SPECIFICALLY the true Norwegian gothic metal movements.

In 2004 Kick*Ass metal became a proud supporter of the  avant garde classical/ rock/ metal movements….KICK*ASS metal has been a  true fan / supporter of the avant garde metal movement since avant garde metal underground year zero, which happened in 1987.

The best of the best world class vocalist of all-time.


This list is just in its beginning phase…I do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports on all of original music. So this list is no way complete. There are 3 other list like this one, and will merge. This list with this one and then the




Kristin Fjellseth * Crest of Darkness * Pale Forest * The Gathering (guest on Monsters EP) * Anti atlas – * Bohemian Fox and the Orbital Stars * Aqua De Annique * Kristin Fjellseth

Sarah Jezebel Deva * Cradle Of Filth

Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag * Madder Mortem

Anais Noir * Poison Garden

Andrea Cassanova * Rainover

Andrea Meyer * Cradle of Filth

Anja Natasha * Dismal Euphony

3rd from the left Anja Natasha

Anja Natasha Lindlov * Smalltown Sister Band (NORWAY)—
folk singer with heavy metal connection
Agnette Lindlov * Smalltown Sister Band (NORWAY)—-
awesome singer in a folk band along with legendary sister !!!!!!

Ann Boleyn * HELLION

Ann-Mari Edvardsen Vocals * 3rd and the Mortal
Monika Edvardsen Vocals * Atrox

Annlouice Loegdlund * Diablo Swing Orchestra

Anneke Van Giersbergen * The Gathering – Napalm Death

Asphodel * Pin-UP Went Down

Betsy Bitch * Bitch

Cadaveria * Cadaveria

Carla van Huizen * La- Ventura

Charlotte Wessels

Catherine Paulsen* Trail of Tears

Chibi- The Birthday Massacre

Claudia-Maria Morki * Celtic Frost from the groundbreaking INTO THE PANDEMONIUM

Cristina Scabbia * Lacuna Coil

Danielle Dranconis * Original Sin

Danielle Dranconis * Far left

Daria “NOOKIE” Stavrovich * THE SLOT (RUSSIA)

Debbie Gunn * Sentinel Beast

Deborah Levine * Lady Beast
Doro Pesch * Warlock & Doro

Eileen Küpper * The Kovenant

Elina Sirrala * EnkElination fame

Els Prins * KALI

Evil Ann * Xe- NONE
Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira *NERVOSA fame again

Floor Jansen *

Grog Rox * Die So Fluid

Helena Iren Michaelsen * Trail of Tears

JINX Dawson * Coven

Johanna Sadonis * The Oath
Kate DeLombeart * Acid

Kate French * Chastain and Vainglory

Katherine Thomas- * THE GREAT KAT

Kirsten Rosenberg * Iron Maidens

Leather Leon * Chastain

Leilindel * Unxpect

Lynn Breedlove * Tribe 8



Lindsay Schoolcraft * Cradle of Filth
Lindsay Schoolcraft * Schoolcraft

Lindsay “Lindz Riot” Schoolcraft * Mary and the Black Lamb
Liv Kristine Espenæs * Theatre of Tragedy, Leaves Eyes, Liv Kristin
Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull* Leaves Eyes, Liv Kristin


Mariangela Demurtas * Tristania
Martina Astner * Korova & Alas

Marian Aas Hansen * Fleurety
Heidi Gjermundsen * Fleurety
Karianne Horn * Fleurety

Margarita Monet * Edge of Paradise FAME
Melissa Ferlaak * Visions of Atlantis, Echoterra, Aesma Daeva, My Eternal

Melissa Swan * Notre Dame FAME

Mia Coldheart * Crucified Barbara
Mia Coldheart again
Mia Coldheart again
Miriam Elisabeth Renevag

Niole Lee * Znowhite

Sabrina Clausen * Holy Moses

Sabine Dunser * Elis

Sarah Jezebel Deva * Cradle Of Filth
Silje Wergeland * Octavia Sperati * The Gathering

Sharon Den Adel * Within Temptation

Simone Simons * Epica

Stephanie Duchene * Flowing Tears

Shairalee Morgan * Chalice

Stephanie Luzie * Darkwell & Ataragatis

Sonya Scarlet * Theates des Vampires

Summer * Vampyre Heart

Susan Gardner * Black Flag

Susan Gardner * aka Suzi Gardner TOP RIGHT

Vibeke Stene * Tristania

Wendy O Williams

Zoe Federoff * Insatia