The foundational members of this wing are
Cherrie Currie The RUNAWAYS fame, Joan Jett * The Runaways fame and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts FAME, Lita Ford * The Runaways fame and Lita Ford band FAME, Beatrix Sanden * Diabla (Norway) Fame, Margarita Monet * Edge of Paradise (California) FAME

Lita Ford and Cherie Currie * Runaways FAME

Joan Jett

Runaways FAME


Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Fame

Lita Ford

Runaways FAME


Lita Ford Fame

Beatrix Sanden

Margarita Monet

The foundational members of this wing are

Cherrie Currie The  RUNAWAYS fame

Joan Jett * The Runaways fame and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts FAME.

Lita Ford * The Runaways fame and Lita Ford band FAME

Beatrix Sanden * Diabla (Norway)  Fame

Margarita Monet * Edge of Paradise (California) FAME

Beatrix Sanden * Diabla (NORWAY) Fame
Beatrix in the studio 2011
Beatrix Sanden * Diabla (Norway)
Here is that interview

Anja Natasha Lindlov * Dismal Euphony fame (the reason KICK*ASS*METAL exist in the 1st place)
Anja Natasha Lindlov FAME and Smalltown Sister Band FAME

Ann Boylen * Hellion
Ann Wilson * Heart
Anni De Vil * Hysterica
Bettina France * Meanstreak
Betsy Bitch * Bitch
Bianca Halstead * Betty Blowtorch


Cyndi Lauper
Debroah Levine * Lady Beast
Doro Pesch * Warlock and Doro FAME
Gigi Hangach * Phantom Blue
Grace Slick
Jan Kuehnemund * VIXEN

Jody Turner * Rock Goddess
Johanna Sadonis * The Oath
Kate DeLombaert * Acid
Kate French * Chastain and Vainglory
Kim McAuliffie * Girlschool
Leather Leone

Lee Aaron * Lee Aaron

London Wilde * WildeStarr

Lorriane Lewis * Femme Fatale
Mia Coldheart * Crucified Barbara
Phoebe Pinnock * Heaven The Axe

Sharron Needles * Betty Blowtorch

Pat Benatar\
Tanja Lainio * Lullacry
Veronica Freeman * Benedictum

Wendy O. Williams * WOW

Below is from a Previous KICK*ASS*METAL article

called “The Runaways…The Movie…essential for all metallers…”to tear apart the world” * Best heavy metal / hard rock MOVIE of all time. There is not a contender with in a MILLION MILES of this MOVIE *”

It’s a













Metal fans of every sub genre will identify with this classic movie.

Sony Motion pictures.

Catalog number…35345 9 …DVD

Every fan of the publication Metal Maidens knows that this band is a favorite, of every rager, that writes for that influential publication.

5 years before Venom…and 7 years before Metallica…this band mixed punk rock fury with heavy metal intellegence.

This band along with MOTORHEAD circa 1976/1977…gets heavier metal in a more onimous headspace.

The sound track for this classic movie is on Atlantic Records. And get that CD. Both the CD and the DVD, are essential purchases.

KICK*ASS METAL praises this band for having in it’s ranks. Lita Ford, Joan Jett, and the ultimate front person, Cherie Currie.

BUY OR DIE !!!!!

“….Girls nowadays, they don’t have any role models.

This band is self-empowerment, man – Aphrodite,



No more second-class status, sitting at concerts with asshole boyfriends who worship bands from a Popular Mechanics evalutation of amplifiers.

The Runaways have the most chance of any group I’ve seen… To do with the Beatles did. To tear this world apart. …”

Quote from the MOVIE