Every year in the history of heavy metal music, KICK*ASS*METAL has a person of the year.

Since we most concern ourselves with TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL, especially the style called the Beauty and the Beast configuration.

@ KICK*ASS*METAL we always try to find, our person of the year in that configuration. Some years we had to go with a female fronted artist that was the most gothic band we could find, ala The Gathering ” Mandlyion” …etc..

Miriam  “Sfinx/Sphinx” Renvåg has been a World Class Vocalist since 1998 as the vocalist for the band RAM-ZET, a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame band.

In 2014 Viper Solfa is going to unleash on Planet Metal “Carving an Icon” via Massacre Records.

Viper Solfa “Carving an Icon” will be the NORWEGIAN debut album of the year for the year 2014. The International winner is NERVOSA “VICTIM OF YOURSELF” the news got in today.

No Crest of Darkness (NORWAY) or Cradle of Filth albums this year. Nervosa thrash (BRAZIL) are just the kings of heavy metal, and the genres most beloved band this year @ the offices of KICK*ASS*METAL .

So here is just a quick over view of the most important female vocalist in the history of heavy metal for the year 2015, Our person of the year is Miriam  “Sfinx/Sphinx” Renvåg.

For 2013 our person of the year is Lindsay Schoolcraft Cradle of Filth FAME, also Mary and the Black Lambs, Lindsay Schoolcraft

Miriam Elisabeth Renvåg – o – graphy

2000 * Ram-Zet * Pure Therapy 

2002 * Ram-Zet * Escape 

2005 * Ram – Zet * Intra 

2009 * Ram-Zet * Netrualized 

2012 * Ram-Zet * Freaks In Wonderland 

2014 Viper Solfa * Carving An Icon 

Bold and Italic denotes top 10 albums for the year they were released in, Miriam  “Sfinx/Sphinx” Renvåg.  has 6 KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame albums to her credit.  I recommend owing @ least 6 copies of each album,