The KICK*ASS*METAL album of the year hard rock 2015 is Adrenaline Rush * Adrenline Rush

2014 Hard Rock album of the year

Adrenaline Rush * Adrenaline Rush

2014 HEAVY METAL DEBUT  album of the year * International

Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

February 28th, 2014

2014 HEAVY METAL DEBUT album of the year * Norway

2014 Heavy Metal album of the year * International

Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

2014 Heavy Metal album of the year * Norway


Album of the Month

January 2014

Legion of The Damned * Ravenous Plague

Napalm Records

Album of the Month

February 2014

Acheron * Kult De Hasses

Album of the Month


March 18th 2014

Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

Naplam Records * USA and Canadian Region Pressing

Album of the Month


April 25, 2014

Holy Moses * Redefined Mayhem

Album of the Month


May 23rd, 2014

Misery Index * The Killing Gods

Season of Mist

SOM 259

Album of the Month


June 20th, 2014

Season of Mist Pressing


Album of The Month


July 18, 2014

Abigor * Leytmotif Luzifer

Avant Garde Music

A5 Digipack Pressing

Album of the Month


August 18, 2014

Children of Technology * Future Decay

Hells Headbangers CD pressing

Album of the Month September


Album of the Month October

Savage Master * Mask of The Devil

October 31st, 2014

Heavy Halloween

Album of the Month


Liv Kristine * Vervain

November 4th, 2014 US pressing

Top 10 albums of 2014

Avant Garde * Norway and International

Top 10 albums of 2014

Hard Rock * Norway

Top 10 albums of the year 2014

Hard Rock * International

# 1 Adrenaline Rush (Sweden)  * Adrenalines Rush * August 22, 2014

Crucified Barbara * In The Red (they are 50 / 50 hard rock and heavy metal, relevant / relevance  to each style)

Devilskin * We Rise

Liv Kristine * Vervin

The Pretty Reckless * Going To Hell

Top 10 album of 2014

Heavy Metal * Norway

Top 10 albums of 2014

Heavy Metal * International

# 1 Nervosa * Victim of Yourself


Children of Technology * Future Decay

Crucified Barbara * In The Red

Massacre * Back From Beyond

Nervosa * Victim 0f Yourself

Satan * Trial of Fire Live In North America

The Skull * For those who Are A Sleep

Savage Master * Mask of the Devil

Top 10 albums of 2014

Gothic * Norway and International

# 1 Hanzel Und Gretyl * Black Forest Metal

Hanzel Und  Greytl * Black Forest Metal

Lacuna Coil * Broken Crown Halo

Macbeth * Neo-Gothic Propaganda

Rainover * Transcending The Blue and Drifting into Rebirth

Savn * Savn

The Birthday Massacre * Superstition

2014 SYMPHONIC SALVATION album of the year 2014

Savn * Savn

Top 10 Re Editions of 2014 * Norway and International

# 1 Cradle of Filth * Total F!@#@!# Darkness

Cradle of Filth * Total F!@!@#% Darkness

Terminal Death * Terminal Death * 1985 Face of Death + bonus tracks

Within Temptation * Enter

Video of the Year

NERVOSA * Death !


Since KICK*ASS*METAL is a Gothic Metal publication @ its CORE . The Person of the year is always a World Class Vocalist in the Beauty and The Beast Vocalist configuration, even if the music is not in the gothic / industrial metal style.

DVD of the year

Book of the Year

Summer Ki Aries * The Beginning

Magazine of the year *Evilspeak Magazine




all 3 were unleashed on Plant Metal in 2014 * a mind blowing achievement considering each issue is a timless masterpiece art..the good kind of art. Supreme Immortal Art of the Highest Order