If fans of KRAKOW thought they knew exactly what to expect from the upcoming album from the Norwegian Experimental Post Metallers, they are going to be very surprised, because, with “Amaran”,  the band has chosen to explore not only the calmer side of their sound, but also the more experimental, drone side, creating a work that is filled both with dream-like soundscapes and sinister and harsh atmospheres.  As a taster of what to expect, Dark Essence Records have debuted “Atom”, a track from “Amaran”,  and it can be heard below and at

Formed in the fall of 2005, KRAKOW ‘s  lineup consists of very skilled and experienced musicians with Kjartan Grønhaug (HAVARIKOMMISJONEN) on guitars, René Misje on guitars and vocals, frontman and bassist Frode Kilvik (AETERNUS, VITHR, ISABELLA LEROY ) and Ask Ty Ulvhedin Arctander (KAMPFAR) on drums.   According to KRAKOW, the making of “Amaran”, which is a follow…

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