Lindsay Schoolcraft Kick*ASS metal’s pick for the most important female vocalist in heavy metal, circa 2013…!!!!!!!

Cradle of Filh became the most important band in heavy metal, per Sounds of Death Magazine #4…if you own everything by that publication under the monikers Sounds of Death Magazine, Anvil Magazine, and now DOA magazine. You would know why I worship this band so hard.

Before Cradle of FIlth became the worlds greatest band of all time alongside Crest of Darkness, the best bands were before that were Mercyful Fate, and Metallica, because Metallica has alot of Mercyful Fate in there riffing and structures.

So i rate Mercyful Fate higher than Metallica, Metallica picked up where Mercyful Fate left off, and later Exodus were total metal riffage, better than Metallica, because Exodus were total Mercyful Fate worshippers.

Credit goes to Jinx Damwson, and Coven making music like Jefferson Starship but paving the way, for the outre’, avant garde and gothic metal aesthetics.

And latter on Sabbat “History of A Time To Come” was released making thinking man’s music even more uber*metal and KICK*ASS. But before that there was this killer band out of Italy called Necrodeath, very important band to Kick*ASS Metal and Cradle of Filth fanatics.

Deicide was up next for the band MORE METAL THAN METAL…and are total death metal gods in there own right….but no keyboards or female backing vocals, which I am a true believer in.

1993 looked like Mayhem and Burzum were going to be the best bands ever….this is all Cradle of Filth had to jump over. The guy in Burzum murdered the Dude in Mayhem, and both bands fell to the wayside. So in my Mind, it was up to Emperor to rule the world, but Cradle of FIlth had more VISION…armed with nothing more than there vision, to created the best of true extreme metal. It happened in February 1994 with the Cradle of Filth debut “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh”. Nihil 1 on Cacophonous Records…but it was the jump to Music For Nations, where the band got better production…and just ruled the world of actual extreme metal.

Emperor and Dimmu Borgir are intellegent bands, but Cradle of FIlth had Sarah Jezebel Deva….so know this is the best band in metal. I perfer bands with keyboards, symphonic, Gothic and the beauty and the beast vocal configuration. So Cradle of Filth easily shot over Emperor, because they are more extreme and more metal, because they had World Class Vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva…!!!!!

So in 2007….Lindsay Schoolcraft perfecting here style.. At it at a dedicated level since age 7. Released, the brilllant Mary and The Black Lambs, CD “As the City Sleeps”….Maturing at a quick rate as a vocalist and a human being. A new vision happened which she titled the new solo project Schoolcraft, and in 2012, the best symphonic album was released and KICK*ASS METAL’S, album of the year, with RamZet’s “Freaks in Wonderland” and Cradle of Filth’s” The Manticore and other Horrors”.

the Manticore and other Horrors, was relased in time for Halloween ….everyday is Halloween at KAM !!!!!!!!!

So the serendipity, happened because of being involved in a project called Eve’s Apple, which is a group of the Worlds best female vocalist in one KICK*ASS band.

Melissa Feerlak .of Visions of Atlantis fame, recommended the metal GODDESS to the metal legends, and a interview was set-up, and Cradle of Filth was impressed with the World Class Vocalist, and she became a live member of Cradle of Fitlh live member….So myself I would love to see this World Class Vocalist on the upcoming Splatter Platter …aka LP and CD. Because Lindsay Schoolcraft, is one of the most dedicated, most trained and highly educated, musician around these days..

Not only is she a master of songwriter, she is a world class keyboard player, a world class Vocalist and a world class singer.and lets not forget that she is also a world class HARP player !!!!!! ……fuck yea !!!!!!!

THIS hard work DID NOT go unnoticed by Kick*ASS Metal, so Schoolcraft’s ” RUSHING THROUGH THE SKY” was the KAM 2012 album of the year. Because the music theory knowledge and timbre and melodic songwriting is second to NO one, and second to NONE

I want to point out at this point Lindsay Schoolcraft has a unique, original style, that is equal parts her own originality, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Bjork, and uber gothic GODDESS Jessicka Addams of Jack*Off*Jill and the awesome Scarling…Every Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson fanatics, should have stacks of Jack*Off*Jill and Scarling CD’s, at the ready

What is special of Jessicka Addamms, is that her authenticity is metal and rock to the core and to the bone…I had to go all the way back in my record collection to 1981, and dig up old Plasmatics albums to find a band that had this much of a dangerous and 2 middle fingers in your face rock and roll attitude .

Every metal fan should have a Jessicka Addams influence, and Lindsay Schoolcraft understands this, while her 828,000 sub-peers….do not understand this at all…easily putting Lindsay at the forfront of the current heavy metal movement. Now speaking of peers Canada has two world Class Vocalist, Chibi of The Birthday Massacre, and Lindsay Schoolcraft of Mary and the Black Lamb, Schoolcraft, Eve’s Apple and Cradle of Filth fame…So yeah the most important # 1 female vocalist circa for heavy metal is Lindsay Schoolcraft…Even if Lindsay Schoolcraft is just a live member, i will collect every fan footage of her tenure of cradle of Filth. And I will redo, the Gary Sharp Young, Definitive Guide to Heavy Metal to include the Lindsay Schoolcraft success story.

The Lindsay Schoolcraft – era of Cradle of Filth happened on February 2013….but stated back in late 2012….time marches on.

I will be a diehard dedicated Lindsay Schoolcratt fan the rest of my life….!!! And it would blow off our faces and blow our minds if this world Class musician got a chance to light up a Cradle of Filth album…!!! I hope I get a chance to see this legend live !!!!

I promised the metal goddess, if I see her Live as a Cradle of Filth member….I already decided I will scream Lindsay until I pass f@!king out….then do my Cradle of Filth chants and whip me into a total metallic frenzy !!!!!!!
Cradle of Filth forever !!!!

Sarah Jezebel Deva forever !!!!

Lindsay Schoolcraft forever.

So major ragers…I do this article so you can not be shocked when I state at the end of the year the #1 female vocalist in heavy metal circa 2013 is Lindsay Schoolcraft !!

Cradle of FILTH (GODS)

Lindsay Schoolcraft (legend and metal goddess)!!!!!

Lindsay since you turned me on to Jessicka Addams and Jack*Off*Jill and Scarling, i am forever in your debt, and can not pay you this back, because i can not think of a singer higher in authenticity than Jessicka Addams.


BELOW IS FROM a previous KICK*ASS*METAL article called !!!!!!!!!!!!

KICK*ASS*METAL’s Person of the year 1983-2013 * Kate De Lombaert to Lindsay Schoolcraft


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Liv Kristine Espenæs  * Norway

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Kristin Fjellseth * Crest of Darkness  * NORWAY


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Lindsay Schoolcraft * Cradle of Filth