Just over a month after the former members of the now-defunct DRAUGR announced that they had formed SELVANS, a musical project born to recreate, through music, lyrics and aesthetics,  the mysticism and the folklore of the different ethnic groups that have dwelt in Italy throughout the ages, they are now able to announce  that the band has inked a deal with Avantgarde Music for the release of SELVANS’  debut  EP.  Titled  “Clangores Plenilunio”, the EP  is set to hit the streets in February 2015.

The lineup on “Clangores Plenilunio” includes Selvans Haruspex (Ursus Arctos of DRAUGR)  on vocals,  keyboards and traditional instruments , Sethlans Fulguriator (Mors of DRAUGR) on guitar, and DRAUGR co-founders Stolas on bass and  the late Jonny Morelli on drums.  Morelli was able to record all the drums and most of the vocals before he was tragically killed in a motor bike accident in June of last…

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