Summer Ki – Aries book is a work of art, and is awesome. It is a bit different – fiction genre- from Natasha Scharf’s “The Art of Gothic” -non-fiction–. So there are two winners for the best book of 2014.

Natasha Scharf *The Art of Gothic

Summer Ki-Aries * Vampyre Heart – The Beginning


“Vampyre Heart – The Beginning” is and excitable story about the love of two people fighting to keep their love alive, whilst overcoming the challenges and myths of the underworld; a world filled with betrayal, witchcraft, vampyres, ghost and much more.


The story follows the journey of Electra, who’s fought to maintain her sanity following the mysterious death of her husband Sebastain, Following his death, Electra struggles to come to terms with the deceit she uncovers when she realizes that the closest around her have keep many important secrets from her.


She learns that she is actually a very powerful white witch, and her powers had been bound for many years to protect her from a dark and dangerous supernatural world, and because of this, Electra’s father, Vaughan, has also keep her hidden away with in a old Manor in the middle of the forest for year.


Electra also learns that her father is actually a vampyre and her real mother Christina, who was alsoa Vor-Cato witch like her, was killed when Electra was just a baby, whilst trying to saver her from the Clan of Satan’s evil vampyre Stefan.

Elecktra must now fight to stay alive within this crazy world and protect the secrets of her family legacy and accept that her husband Sebastian was not actually killed, but instead was turned into a vamprye by her father to save him.