The 2014 Winner of the RIFF OF THE YEAR




The RIFF LORD / Guitar Hero/ Metal Goddess/ Godly Major Rager for the best song of 2014 which came from the best debut of 2014, which is the 2014 heavy metal album of the year by the way is.

The song “Victim of Yourself” is the title track to the heavy metal album of the year 2014

Nervosa “Victim of Yourself”

Prika Amaral



There is a historical fact about Prika Amaral you have to keep in mind.

Prika Amaral was inducted into the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame as a RIFF LORD, which is reserved for Metal Masters of the 1980’s.

Prika Amaral is the only guitarist in thrash metal, in the decade 2010, who is ranked as a top 100 guitarist as a extreme metaller, and who is ranked as a top 100 / top 20 guitarist of all-time in traditional metal.


This is a historical first for a 21st century HEAVY METAL Guitarist.

Nervosa is ranked / rated # 20 of all-time in heavy metal at KICK*ASS*METAL web ‘zine and the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame in both the extreme and traditional metal styles.

At first the were inducted into the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame, as a traditional metal band, then the more i listened to Nervosa, the more i realized , Nervosa have MORE THAN enough savage factor to be considered the best of the best of true metal, of the death metal age, which has been in full swing since July 1990.

Because of the hard work of the GODLY PUBLICATION SOUNDS OF DEATH…the European Answer to Sounds of Death is Voices from The Darkside.


Sounds of Death is the most influential publication of all-time for those who are up on true metal, which the mainstream calls extreme or dark metal.

In the Current incarnation of SOD they are NOW called DOA magazine. There is A Nervosa interview in DOA # 5, which is a MORE THAN ESSENTIAL read for all Nerovsa-thrashers world-wide.