Acid * Live In Belgium ’84

Artep * Thy Will Be Done on Earth As Is Done In Hell

Atrocity featuring Yasmin Krull * After The Storm

Blood Ceremony * Blood Ceremony

Bug Girl * Dirt In The Skirt

Christian Mistress * Agony & Opium

Cradle of Filth * Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa

Crystal Viper * Legends

Desdemon * The Awakening

Detente * Decline

DEVA * Between Life And Dreams

Doro * 25 Years In Rock…And Still Going Strong

Electric Wizzard * Black Mass

Fatima Hill * The Snow Tower

Genitorturers * Blackheart Revolution

Issa * Sign Of Angels

Mastercastle * Last Desire

Motorhead * The World is Yours

Mystery Blue * Hell & Fury

Nemhain * From The Ashes

Nox Aurea * Ascending In Triumph

Revamp * Revamp

The Runaways * The Mercury Albums Anthology

The Runaways * Original Music From The Motion Picture THE RUNAWAYS
The Runaways * The Runaways MOTION PICTURE DVD
Sacred Storm * Extreme Assault
Sarah Jezebel Deva * A Sign Of The Sublime
Satanic Rites * Which Way The Wind Blows
Satanic Rites * No Use Crying

Semblant * Last Night of Mortality

Sentinel Beast * Up From The Ashes

Seven Kingdoms * Seven Kingdoms

Sign Of The Jackal * Haunted House Tapes

Sin 7 Sins * Perversion LT

Sister Sin * True Sound Of The Underground

Star One * Victims of The Modern Age

Skull Fist * Heavier Than Metal Maidens

Triptykon * Eparistera Daimones

The Vision Bleak * Set Sail To Mystery