Arch Enemy * Khoas Legions

Battle Beast * Steel

Battlelore * Doombound

Benedictum * Benedictum

Blacksmith * Strikes While The Albums Hot

Blackthorn * Codex Archoas

Blood Ceremony * Living With The Ancients

CETI * Ghost Of The Universe

Cradle of Filth * Evermore Darkly

Crucifiction * Wars Against Christian Souls

CWN ANNWN * The Alpha And The Omega

Dranconian * A Rose For The Apocalypse

Frantic Amber * Frantic Amber

Gallhammer * The End

Girlschool * Hit And Run — Revisited

Hammers of Misfortune * 17th Street

Huntress * Spell Eater

Hysterica * The Art of Metal

Issa * The Storm

Isle De Lange * Live in Geirdome

Izegrim * Code of Consequences

Nightwish * Imaginearum

Nightqueen * For Queen And Metal

Otep * Atavist

Panndora * Heretics Box

Sarah Jezebel Deva * The Corruption of Mercy

Sign Of The Jackal * The Beyond

Sin 7 Sins * Carnival of No Tomorrow

Theatres Des Vampires * Moonlight Waltz

Triosphere * The Road Less Traveled

Tyranex * Extermination Has Begun

Wolvespirit * Spirit Metal

Wykked Witch * The Ultimate Deception

Wooden Stake * Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades