Alcest * Les Voyages Be L’Ane

Arkham Witch * Legions Of The Deep

Autumn * Autumn

Blus Aus Nord * 777 Cosomophy

Blutmond * The Revolution Is Dead!

Cadaveria * Horror Metal

Christian Mistress * Christian Mistress

Cradle of Filth * The Manticore and Other Horrors

Cradle of Filth * Midnight in the Ladyrinth

Crucified Barbara * The Midnight Chase

Crystal Viper * Crimen Excepta

Deathspell Omega * Drought

DC Strut * DC Strut

Demona * Metal Through The Time

Doro * Rise Your Fist

Enslaved * Riitiir

Favna Abisal * Rerum Imaginaria

Hail Spirt Nor * Penuma

Halestorm * The Strange Case Of…

Hessler * Comes With The Terrority

Ignitor * Year Of The Metal Tiger

Issa * Can’t Stop

Jess And The Ancient Ones * Jess And THe Ancient Ones

Kataonia * Dead End Kings

Lady Beast * Lady Beast

La-Ventura * White Crow

Lita Ford * Living Like A Runaway

Marylin Manson * Born Villian

Mystery Blue * Conquer The Wolrld

Ne Oblviscaris * Portal of I

Nervosa * Time of Death

Opera Diabolicus * 1614

Otep * Hydra

Panndora (Brazil) * Behind The Crime

Queens of Steel * Various Artist Compilation

Rampart * War Behest

Ram-Zet * Freaks In Wonderland

Riti Occulti * Riti Occulti

Show Ya * Genuine Diamond

Sister Sin * Now And Forever

T0-Mera * Exile

White Skull * Under This Flag

Wilde Starr * A Tell Tale Heart

Witch Sorrow * God Curse

Wooden Stake * At The Stroke Of Midnight