Aborym * Dirty

Agharti (Croatia) * Change

Avatarium (Sweden) *  Avatarium

Altar of Plagues * Teethed Glory And Injury

Angizia * Des Winters finsterer Gesell

Aosoth * IV: An Arrow In Heart

Axxion * Wild Racer

Battle Beast (Finland) * Battle Beast

Beastmilk * Climax

Benedictum * Obey

Blues Pills (Sweden)  * Devil Man

Castevet * Obsian

Cauchemar (Canada) * Tenebrario

Code * Augur Nox

Coven *Jinx

Crystal Viper (Possession)

Cult of Fire * Asetic Mediation of Death

Deap Valley * Sistrionix

Delain * Interlude

Demona * Speaking With The Devil

The Devil’s Blood * III Tabula Rasa or Death And The Seven Pillars

Diemonds * The Bad Pack

Ephel Duath * Hammered By Light, Shaped By Darkness

Evil Lyn * The Night of Delusions

Firestrike * Lion and Tiger

Garh Arum * The Dawn of a New Creation

Gorguts * Colored Sands

Hamanda Mari * Legenda

Hellcats * Warrior

Huntress* Starbound

Ignitor * Mixtape ’85

Inferno * Omniabscence Fill by His Greatness

Ihsain * Des Seelenbrecnen

Iron Kingdom * Gates of Eternity

Izegrim * Congress of The Insane

Kayo * Dot

Katecho * Man, God, Giant

Motorhead * Aftershock

Once The Edens * The Year Is Once

Revamp * Wildcard

Riti Occulti * Sect

The Ruins of Beverast * Blood Vaults – The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer

Sign of The Jackal * Mark Of The Beast

Stilla * Stilla

Stos (Poland) * Jezdzcy Nocy

Oranssi Pazuzu *Valonielu

Otep * Hydra

Peste Noir * Peste Noir

Portal * Vexovoid

Pryapisme * Hyperblast Super Collider

Ulver * Messe 1.X – VI.X

The Vision Bleak * Witching Hour

Vhol * Vhol

Voi Vod * Target Earth

Vulture Industries * The Tower

Your Last Wish * Desolation