1349 * Massive Cauldron of Chaos

Abigor * Letimotif Lucifer

Agalloch * The Serpent and The Sphere

Alcest * Shelter

Alunah * Awakening The Forest

Amanarthe * Massive Addictive

Arch Enemy * War Eternal

Arkona (Russia) * Yav

A Sound of Thunder * The Lesser Key of Solomon

Behemoth * The Satanist

Belphegor * Conjuring The Dead

The Birthday Massacre * Superstition

Bloody Hammers * Under Satan’s Sun

Bolzer * Soma

Blues Pills * Live At Rockplast

Blues Pills * Blues Pills

Blut As Nord * Memoria Vestura III

Children of Technology * Future Decay

Chrome Division * Infernal Rock Eternal

Crucified Barbara (Sweden) * In The Red

CrucifixionBR (Brazil) Destroying The Fucking Disciples of Christ

The C0mmander-In-Chief * 2 Guitars The Classical Crossover album

Dawn of Destiny * F.E.A.R

Death Penalty * Death Penalty

Doro * Raise Your Fist – Powerful Passionate Favorites
Dornenreich & Freiheit
Epica * The Quantum Enigma
Elvenstorm * Blood Leads To Glory
Empyrium * The Turn of The Tides
Enklination * Tears of Lust
Delain * The Human Contradiction
Die So Fluid * The Opposite of Light
Drudkh * Eastern Frontier in Flames
Epica * The Quantum Leap
Fen * Carrion Skies
Heavy Tiger * Saigon Kiss
Hellion * To Hell And Back
Holy Moses * Redefined Mayhem
Ides of Gemini * Old World New Wave
Internal Bleeding * Imperium
Kobra And The Lotus * High Priestess
Korzus * Legions
Lacuna Coil * Broken Crown Halo
Legion of The Damned * Ravenous Plague
Liv Kristine * Vervain
Macbeth * Neo-Gothic Propaganda
Massacre * Back From Beyond
Mount Salem * Endless
Nervosa (Brazil) * Victim of Yourself
Nighqueen * rEvoluiton
The Oath (Sweden) * The Oath
Primordal * Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Tormentor Bestial (Brazil) * Again
Triosphere (Norway) * The Heart of The Matter
Savage Master * Mask of The Devil
Savn * Savn
Scarved * Dynamite
Season of Ghost * The Human Paradox
Solstafir * Otta
Vinterbris * Solace
Witch Mountain * Mobile of Angels
White Empress * Rise of The Empress
Within Temptation * Hydra
Winterfylleth * The Divination of Antiquity