The Commander-in-Chief

Drop Out

Published July 13th, 2012

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100 out of 100 burning flying v’s



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95 out of 100 MASTERPIECE

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85 out of 100 KILLER METAL

The Commander-In-Chief “Drop Out” was Unleashed on Planet Metal on July 13th, 2012

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DROP OUT was recorded in 2010 and 2011, only days after she received her prototype Ibanez Falchion 7 guitar.

The songw was RE-MIXED by Pantera producer Sterling Winfield in 2011 before she went to producer her debut EP.

DROP OUT was written in Chicago in 2008, while the Chief attended High School there.

More that 25 registered school kids/teens were killed in shooting that school year. But the Chief discovered that the ones that are Dropouts from the school system were not part of the statistics.

She got so appalled that wrote this song about the issue.

This song is for all those who are “invisible” and have fallen outside the system.

All guitars and vocals by The Commander-In-Chief.

Drums by Hans Menacho.

Bass by Lance Morris.

Produced by The Commander-In-Chief

Re-mixed by Sterling Winfield.

Mastering by Stephen Marsh.

This video was produced by Elia Turra in Italy.

Makeup by Chiara Guizetti.

Hair by Annalisa Massari.



Violence and bitchin all over the school

Indifference  form those who are supposed to be mature

Dreading every morning

when you prepare yourself to leave

Should you carry a weapon

in case the death threats now get real



Mama always told me to wear my

bullet proof vest to school

But I don’t feel like going any more no, no

So should I dropout, dropout, dropout


So I guess my life don’t count any more

Dropout, dropout, dropout, dropout

It’s a dilemma when you’re not enrolled

And you got no time nor money to recuperate

your goals

Loosing faith in the future

when frustration is endowed

Losing faith in the a future

when there is nothing you can do


Mama always told me to wear my bullet

proof vest to school

But I don’t feel like going any more no, no

Should I dropout, dropout, dropout


So I guess my life don’t count anymore

Dropout, dropout, dropout, dropout

–Bridge in Norwegian — two times

Grav deg ned i tide

det er ingenskam a snu

Gjor deg klar til skoldag

med gonner og med kniv

Chours X2



When I do my top 100 World-Class Heavy Metal Guitarist of all-time list. For sure

The Commander-In-Chief will be on the greatest of all-time list, easily in the top 100 of all-time.

Not only is The Commander-In-Chief the first HEAVY METAL guitarist/singer/song-writer to be a 7string axepert, world-class guitarist virtuoso. The Commander-In-Chief is also the first WORLD CLASS 7 STRING HEAVY METAL guitarist, who actually plays a 7 STRING guitar in the actual heavy metal style.

The offices of KICK*ASS*METAL since the early – mid 1980’s listens to insane amounts of Black Sabbath, Scorpions late 70’s, Randy Rhodes-era Ozzy Osbourne, Mercyful Fate, Metallica 82-86, Exodus 84-86, King Diamond, Testament, The Great Kat, and Megadeth’s “Rust in Peace”. Heavy Metal based on the European NWOBHM metal that was based heavily on classical music.

So these are the artist that are building blocks the KICK*ASS*METAL’s top 100 heavy metal world-class guitarist of all-time.

And the more i watched this video, The Commander-in-Chief is one of the artist that guitarist in the 21st and 22nd century, as well NEXT CENTURY will be held up to.

It is one thing to have talent and intelligence like The Commander-In-Chief obviously has more than the other 200,00 signed and unsigned guitarist in heavy metal history has had, but if The Commander-In-Chief practiced over 100,00 hours, then in the future. Future metal gods will have to practice twice that amount.

What always shows up in song-writing is who practices 4 hours a day, and who practices more, but more importantly who wants to be a


The Commander-In-Chief, as a artist is METAL TO THE CORE & METAL TO THE BONE !!!!!!!! And just has her own artistic vision and has the talent, intelligence, and work ethic, at the World-Class level, to be the best of the best of her genre, and in all of music also.

My record collection @ all-times has 30 copies of the Randy Rhodes-era Ozzy Osbourne Records, always. (that is 90 CD’s between “Blizzard of Ozz” “Diary of A Madman” and 1987’s “Tribute”  Since i will wear the data off of the compact disc,  since, those disc are in my CD player, in repeat all MODE …sometimes all week-end @ a time.

And The Commander-In-Chief is such a METAL MASTER, and The Commander-In Chiefs bone crunching brand of metallic mayhem HEAVY METAL music will easily survive the test of time !!!

Hail to the Chief !!!!!!!!!!!!