Wooden Stake

featuring World-Class Vocalist Vanessa Nocera

Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades


Unleashed On Planet Metal on

March 8th, 2011

Razorback Records

RR 65

UPC 7 11574 688502 8



100 out 0f 100 blood dripping skulls with grey matter oozing from the eye sockets



KICK*ASS*METAL rating scale

100 out 100


95 out of 100 — Masterpiece * 85 Out of 100 — Classic * 80 Out of 100 — KILLER METAL


THE IMMORTALS OF METAL on this TIMELESS MASTERPIECE are the following heavy metal legends


Vanessa Nocera  * World-Class Vocalist & World-Class Bassist


Wayne Sarantoponlous * World-Class Guitarist & World-Class Drummer


Tracklisting to one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all-time.

aka…the songs you love and know by heart are


Cadaverumn Caecorum Liber

Salem, 1962

Tortured into Eternal Repose

Die Rache der Hexen

Six Feet of Earth..And All It Contains

Cemetery Closes at Sundown


Anguished Atonement

Bleeding Coffin


When it comes to the top 10 albums in the category of authenticity in heavy metal.

There are 3 albums that have a special place in my heart and in the history of what is know as TRUE METAL, what the mainstream calls Extreme Metal and Dark Metal.

The First one is the all-time classic

Coven * Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroys Souls


And The Second one is


Wooden Stake * Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades

Which was released on Planet Metal on

March 8th, 2011


and the 3rd on is Riti Occulti “Riti Occulti” who released there all-time timeless masterpiece on May 7th, 2012.


It is because of artist such as

Coven, Wooden Stake, & Riti Occulti that heavy metal hall of fames and heavy metal altars are built in the first place.


If the Wooden Stake back catalouge is not in your record collection it is not just a casual mistake.

It is a wild f!@& up

Don’t be a f*!@up

Get this album @ all cost.

Get more than one copy, get a lucky 13 copies for your record collection, since your going to build a altar of metal just for this release.

If you have had a heavy metal altar @ your place of metal worship, since Mercyful Fate’s “Melissa” or before that Coven “Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroyes Minds”. Then this is ONE OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL PURCHASES for your true metal collection not just of the 21st century but of all-time.


When it comes to

SUPREME IMMORTAL OF METAL ART OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, when it comes to my trust and respect for

Wooden Stake

Without artist such as

Wooden Stake there is no KICK*ASS*METAL and



heavy metal hall of fame


WOODEN STAKE F!~@#$*% RULES !!!!!!!!!


The BUY OR DIE command is in full-effect

Oh Vanessa Nocera is also a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame member fo, a 1998 inductee forr being part of the legendary Record label

Razorback Records, they are in the heavy metal bible of death metal.

If you have a stack of that publication dig it up, and they for sure were interviewed in one of the greatest heavy metal publications of all-time.




Since Razorback Records was formed, in 1998 and this SACRED METAL recording in 2011, what possible other achievement could this world-class artist possible achieve.

Vanessa Nocera was part of what…KICK*ASS*METAL has ranked #1  as the greatest magazine of all-time, the mind-blowing & jaw dropping


Evilspeak Magazine