Iceland’s MOMENTUM, whose sophomore full-length album “The Freak is Alive” hit the streets on the 9th February on Dark Essence Records, have released a video for a track from the album.  Made by the band’s frontman Holaf, who is responsible for MOMENTUM’s lyrical, musical and artistic concepts, the video for “Between Two Worlds is an animated adaptation of the song’s artwork and can be seen below and at

Holaf explained that as a visual artist, as well as a musician, he very much prefers graphics to come alive whenever he has that option, so the video “Between Two Worlds” is a simple animated adaptation of the artwork for that particular track. In fact, each of the songs on the nine-track album take the listener on a journey,  and the artwork illustrates the different stages of that journey.  The track “Between Two Worlds” leads you to a portal that marks…

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