Viper Solfa (NORWAY)

Carving An Icon




Massacre Records

Mas CD 0889





Ronny Thorsen * Vocals

Miriam “Sphinx” Renvag * Vocals

Morfeus * Guitars, Keyboards, & orchestration

Endre Moe * Bass

Bjorn Dugstad Ronnow * Drums




The songs you love and know by heart and forever burned on to your DNA are



Funeral of Kings

Carving An Icon

The Toxic Thousands

Vulture Kingdom

Call for Silence

War of Zion

The Viper Legion

Whispers and Storms




When Viper Solfa first formed in 2013, i was psyched out of my mind.

Ronny Thorsen and Miriam Sphinx Renvag, are two of my favorite WORLD-CLASS Vocalist of all-time.

So when happened i made my recommendation of Viper Solfa being the 2014 album of the year, so if you’re not caught up to speed on heavy metal, the 2014 NORWEGIAN heavy metal album of the year for 2014 was Triosphere “The Heart of The Matter” but the Vipers Solfa “Carving An Icon” did not happen until Feb 20th, 2015, via Massacre Records

And let me just say that Viper Solfa ” Carving An Icon” F!@#$%* RULES, perfect metal album all the way, with PERFECT METAL musicianship, and metallic mayhem, with tons of World-Class Vocalist musicianship from Ronny Thorsen and Miriam “Sphinx” Renvag.

Viper Solfa “Carving An Icon” is Extreme Metal, with a unique twist, because the bands concentrates highly on originality, and the Viper Solfa has there own artistic vision which they call “Poison Music”, and I love their brand and style of “POISON METAL” all the way. This is METAL TO THE BONE & METAL TO THE CORE.

Viper Solfa “Carving An Icon” Supreme Immortal Art of The Highest Order, and There is None Above and Non Equal, a peerless band really.

During 2014 when doing weekly and monthly updates, i announced that Miriam “Sphinx” Renvag, was the PERSON OF THE YEAR — NORWAY, this awards is given to the best of the best of the World-Class Vocalist in heavy metal. Since KICK*ASS*METAL specializes in Female Fronted Heavy Metal, the pioneers in this style of journalist is 1st with Metal Maidens ‘zine & in 2001 with Sonic Cathedral, KICK*ASS*METAL also specializes in TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL, i did not coin that term, but i wish i did!!!

Since my record collection is half Norwegian Imports and half international death metallic mayhem, i noticed Norway is 5 percent of the population, and 40 percent of the World’s Classic albums come front that part of the world during heavy metal’s second half of it history.

True METAL or 80’s and 90’s METAL…1990’s METAL starts with in the 1980’s. 1980’s METAL is 35 year YOUNG. The first half being 1980-1997 & 1997-2015. I am a metal fan of both era’s equally for the same reasons. Metal is based on World-Class Vocalist, and based on KICK*ASS riffs and guitar virtuosity.

Since NORWAY has so many world-class artist, with a high ratio of classic albums 40-50 of my record collection to population 5 percent of all residents of Plant Metal are from that part of the world .

I decided to have a NORWEGIAN category and an INTERNATIONAL category for PERSON OF THE YEAR and ALBUMS OF THE YEAR.

So for 2015 album * NORWAY


Viper Solfa * Carving An Icon



For 2015 PERSON OF THE YEAR, best of the best of WORLD-CLASS VOCALIST

Miriam “Shinx” Renvag


ABOVE one of the greatest HEAVY METAL bands of all-time alongside Viper Solfa and Trail of Tears, the one and only



So for those new to heavy metal here is KICK*ASS*METAL’s PERSON OF THE YEAR – NORWAY. Since KICK*ASS*METAL and the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame has been keeping records, for this history of heavy metal.

1994 – Kari Ruelsatten *The 3rd And the Mortal

1995 – Liv Kristine Espenaes * Theatre of Tragedy

1996 – Liv Kristine Espenaes * Theatre of Tragedy

1997 – Monika Evdardsen * Atrox

1998 – Vibeke Stene * Tristania

1999 – Kristin Fjellseth * Crest of Darkness

2000 – Kristin Fjellesth * Crest of Darkness

2001 – Anja Natasha * Dismal Euphony

2002 – Miriam Elisabeth Renvag * Ram-Zet

2003 – Kristin Fjellseth *Pale Forest

2004 – Liv Kristine * Leave Eyes

2005 – Miriam Elisabeth Renevag * Ram-Zet

2006 – Neil Sigland * Theatre of Tragedy

2007 – Emily A Saaen * Manes

2008 – Carmen Elises Espenaes * Midnattsol

2009 – Neil Sigland * Theatre of Tragedy

2010 – Mariangela Demurtas * Tristania

2011 – Cecil Langlie * Omit

2012 – Miriam Elisabeth Renevag * Ram-Zet

2013 – Catherine Paulsen * Trial of Tears

2014 – Carmen Elise Espenaes * Savn

2015 – Miriam Elisabeth Renevag * Viper Sofla