Beyond The Black (Germany)

Featuring World Class-Vocalist Jennifer Haben

Songs of Love and Death

Air Force 1 Records

Unleashed on PLANET METAL on

February 13th, 2015


100 out of 100 blood dripping skulls


KICK*ASS*METAL rating scale


95 out of 100 * Masterpiece

90 out of 100 * Classic

85 out of 100 * KILLER METAL




…aka line-up…


Jennifer Haben * Lead Vocalist

Micheal Hauser * Keyboards

Nils Lesser * Lead Guitar

Christopher * Rhtyhm Guitar / Background Vocalist

Erwin Schmidt * Bass

Tobias Derer


The songs you love and know by heart are



In The Shadows

Songs of Love and Death


When Angels Fall

Pearl In A Dirt World


Running To The Edge


Drowning In Darkness


Drowing In Darkness

Afraid Of The Dark

Fall Into The Flames

Love Me Forever


Whoa, does this album rule…Beyond The Black are just MASTERS OF METAL, who are world-class song-writers, and excellent musicianships. When I do my top 100 albums of the year 2015. “Songs Of Love And Death” is  early runner for album of the year for the style of Symphonic METAL… And for sure a top 10 album for the month of February 2015.


The band has in its ranks World-Class Vocalist Jennifer Haben, who has a awesome timbre, and TONS OF CHARISMA. With this in mind, where Beyond The Black excels, as one of the best of the best in the style of heavy metal, circa the 21st century and the decade of 2010. Is the band has a excellent guitar tone for the guitarist, and the keyboards are utilized to add to the metallic mayhem, which is 100% effective.


Beyond The Black ” Songs of Love and Death” for sure is a top 10 album of 2015, and a top 10 album of February 2015. For fans of female-fronted heavy metal with a symphonic aesthetic, this is MORE THAN ESSENTIAL and just wondering why are you still reading this.





STORE !!!!!!!!!!!!



HERE is the bands Biography from there official  facebook presence

Northern Germany. March, Somewhere in the prairie of Schleswig-Holstein. It’s lage in the evening. Music producer Thorsten Brotzmann sits together with the Wacken promoters Thomas Jensen and Holger Huber. They speak of the about the “Wacken Foundation” which Brotzmann is a part as a board member. After they’re done talking, Brotzmann reminds himself that he wanted to play to Holger a musical piece that he discovered . He puts the first recordings of Beyond The Black in his stereo. The WACKEN promoters are STOKED !!!!!!!

It’s not accurately reported, but the duo Jensen-Hubner probably said something like “We need this band for Wacken”, because a couple of months later Beyond The Black The Black celebrated their first on-stage appearance at the world’s biggest metal festival-it’s the beginning of a success story.

Now Beyond The Black release their first album, which will close a gaping hole in Germany’s music scene. They play Female Fronted Metal that swings back and forth between epic and pomp, sophisticated GOTHIC melodies and HEAVY guitar solo’s. Beyond The Black is not afraid of embedding melancholic keyboard parts and is always keen to deliver a catchy tune. One perfect example “In The Shadows”, a song that uses a powerful refrain to carve itself into one’s ears, while flute and bagpipe provide an epic atmosphere.


Always in the spotlight: The voice of 19-year-old Jennifer Haben. She formed the band together with friends in Mannheim, who are college trained, professional musicians and broad musical influences from Evanescence to Pantera.

Jennifer herself play piano since she has been seven years old. She first joined a band when she was only nine years old. Some people are born for music. Later she taught herself to play guitar, won signing contest and found her new love in Rock and Metal.

The next logical step is Beyond The Black and their debut album, which produced by Sasacha Paeth (Avantasia) in collaboration with the team of Elephant Music. The songs on it deal with the rocks that life throws in your way. They tell the music listener about the pain of separation, blows of fate, but also of hope, the overwhelming will to fight and never give up. They are “Songs of Love And Death” as the band expresses it with one of their song titles.. Songs so full of symbolism, that they allow every listener to extract an own personal message. Songs, that impress with their atmosphere – an atmosphere, which was also discovered be th directors of the movie “Northmen – A Viking Saga”. When their movie hit the cinemas the Viking Metal band Amon Amarth already published a music video referring to the movie. For the DVD release of “Northmen – A Viking Saga” Beyond The Black follow Amon Amarth’s lead. Their upcoming music video for the song “In The Shadows”

will show scenes from the spectacular action movie- and a band that already has one hit song up its sleeve. Besides may powerful original songs a cover version found its way onto the album- a cover version of Motorhead’s hard rock ballad “Love Me  Forever”.


” I always liked the song and imagined what it would sound like on a piano since I have first heart it. Now I was finally able to play it as i had imagined” says Jennifer about the song Beyond The Black borrowed from Metal heroes Motorhead.

They are experienced when it comes to Metal heroes anyway. The first tour lead them to England- as support for Saxon, whose fans were enthused. Beyond The Black want to follow up the success. They will tour with another top act that hasn’t been reveled yet. Also they will go on their first headlining tour in autumn. BeforE that they will take part in the Metal Cruise and also return to the place of triumph: Wacken! This time they will bring an album with them, with which they want to conquer the rest of the world. “‘



ABOVE – WORLD-CLASS VOCALIST Jennifer Haben, Beyond The Black FAME.

(Who will be INDUCTED INTO THE KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame later in October 2015, – editor )







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