In a statement issued today Black Folk Metallers SELVANS, whose debut EP was released earlier this month on Avantgarde Music, announced that the band’s  lineup would be reduced to a core of two members following an amicable split with bassist Stolas:   “Stolas is no longer part of SELVANS.  The unavoidable split happened in a friendly manner, as indeed  it should as we have shared many experiences together, both with DRAUGR  and SELVANS  over the years.   We wish him all the best – he is a brother to us and always will be! 

“Going forward the SELVANS line-up will consist of two members,  Selvans Haruspex on keyboards, traditional instruments, vocals, programming and  Sethlans Fulguriator on guitars and bass.  We have a number of shows lined up, starting on the 6 March at the Brixia Obscura Fest, and these will be unaffected as we will be joined by…

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