There were 2 different artwork pressings of the Metallica “No Life Til Leather” Demo cassette the first 100, before the 2nd artwork, and different layout, when Cliff Burton joined the band, around the same era, as the Metallica LIVE-METAL UP YOUR ASS DEMO CASSETTE ALBUM.


No Life Til Leather is going to be reissued in April 2015 , with new sound via, remastering.

This will be the 3rd cassette version.

While I have found over 15 CD pressings, 3 of the best versions are not even mentioned in record collector websties.

So even  thought this  will be the 3rd version in cassette format and, the 20th or so version over all world-wide.

I consider this a essential purchase, even if you own every other version of this title, because I still love the higher vocal range of James Hetfield were he sounds like a cross between Sean Harris of Diamond Head FAM and Vince Neil of Motley Crue FAME.

“No Life ‘Til Leather” was supposed to be a Extened Play released in September 1982 via High Velocity Records, (remember the first Metal Massacre came out in July 1982) but “No Life Til Leather” got shelved because the because the owner, Kerry Kane wanted something more in-line with the bands earlier demos, which were NWOBHM covers.

This was a big break for Metallica because they ended on on the FIRST TRUE HEAVY METAL MAJOR label. Megaforce Records/ with Distribution through Important Records. And Managed by CraZed Management.

Over the course of time, the Metallica did get the original master tapes back in there possession. Not before every heavy metal fan had this demo in the record collection, which explains the 15 or so CD pressings.

I came across a CD pressing of this material, with the ORIGINAL Metallica logo as the artwork, and it includes a 16 minute INTERVIEW with Ron McGovney .


With the Riti Occulti reissue, the Sentinel Beast Re-issue, the Razor Fringe Records re-issue and this re-isssue. Metallica’s “No Life ’til Leather” should make the top 10 for be re-edition for 2015.  Back in 2013, the first 3 Metallica albums (when Cliff Burton was the main inspiration on Metallica’s song-writing), via Blackened Recordings albums did make the top 10 best re-editions of 2013.

Make Sure you get to the record store on April 18th, 2015. For the 3rd cassette pressing 0f Metallica “No life Til Leather”. If for some reason you switched to the CD age back in 1990, (and sold all your cassettes) when the death metal AGE of heavy metal happened lead by the charge of the GODLY SOUNDS OF DEATH magazine, make sure you buy a good tape deck. !!!