Commander-In-Chief & William Hagen

Dragon Age, Guitar / Piano version  * The Commander In Chief & her brother William Hagen


So this video is breaking news right now !!!

“The Commander In Chief´s album “2 Guitars – The Classical Crossover Album” – a cooperation with leading classical guitarist Craig Ogden, is available on iTunes…, Amazon, CDBaby , etc. Acclaimed guitarist “The Commander In Chief” playing the theme music from Dragon Age Inquisition, by Trevor Morris, together with her brother William. (Arrangements for piano and guitar by The Commander In Chief and W. Hagen. ) William started to play piano a year ago and is self taught. This is his first music video. The Commander In Chief is frequently featured in major magazines, with several videos premiering on world leading Guitar World Magazine. In 2013 and 2014 she had videos on their “top 10 viral videos of the year” lists – both videos were classical pieces of music, normally played by violin virtuosos. She has been featured as “one of ten modern guitar gods” (Metal Hammer, UK) and “the new queen of shred” (Total Guitar Magazine).

She officially endorses Ibanez Guitars, Laney amps, DR Strings, EMG Pickups, Jim Dunlop guitar picks, Audix Microphones, PreSonus home recording equipment.” Blurb in the YouTube description box, as is word for word.

Video Review.

KICK*ASS*METAL Rating score 100 out of 1oo  burning flying v’s PERFECT WORLD-CLASS MUSIC TIMELESS MASTERPIECE

Kick*Ass*Metal rating Scale


95 out of 100 Masterpiece

90 out of 100 Metal Klassiker — Classic

85 out of 100 KILLER METAL

I really enjoy this video. Two of the best musicians in the world. In the same family.!!!! This is The Commander-In-Chief and her brother William Hagen. I really enjoy this video, and would love to see more collaborations of this music line-up. Excellent job on this song The Commander-In-Chief. And Excellent job on this song William Hagen !!!!!!! I listened to this song a couple of dozen of times already, and the more I hear it the more I want to listen to this song. Everything about the song-writing and The Commander-in-Chief guitar work, makes this a song, that I will want to return to listen again, and again and again. This is a piece of music that I will be able to enjoy for the rest of my life and for that THANK YOU , The Commander-In-Chief & William Hagen KICK*ASS*METAL rating 100 out of 100 burning flying v’s ** TIMELESS MASTERPIECE

When it comes to world-class metal and world-class musicianship, I am a huge fan of The Commander-In-Chief. The Commander-In-Chief is in my eyes a perfect WORLD-CLASS guitarist/ singer/ song-writer/ composer/ and WORLD-CLASS musician.  Here back catalogue is more than essential. Since KICK*ASS*METAL has a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame section to our publication. That is for all world-class heavy metal artist, that are masters of metal. And The Commander-In-Chief, is a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame inductee. The hall of fame induction date is August 3rd, 2010 for the MIND-BLOWING and JAW-DROPPING “Battle of The Mind”. The video for the song “Drop Out” is one of my favorite KICK*ASS*METAL video’s of all-time.

“The Commander-In-Chief is the NUMBER # 1 rated/ ranked 7-String Shredder/ guitarist/singer/song-writer, in all of HEAVY METAL for all-time. @ KICK*ASS*METAL”

Guitarist and artist such as Randy Rhodes, Marty Friedman, Andy LaRocque, Hank Shermann, Diamond Darrel, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and The Commander-In-Chief happen every so often, say around every generation or so, some of these artist are so original and one-of-a-kind, you can say they are a once in a life-time opportunity, for fans of World-Class Music to really enjoy the best music/ metallic artist avialbe throughout the world, no matter where the artist originate from.  So with this in put The Commander-In-Chief @ the very top of your record shopping priorities.

Every metal publication has the MORAL responsibility of covering the best of the best of the World-Class artist, in the HEAVY METAL genre. And without a doubt, there is no harder working artist, who concentrates on authenticity and originality more than The Commander-In-Chief. ” And for this fact. @ KICK*ASS*METAL we say

HAIL TO THE CHIEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And while we have not done a top 100 guitarist of all-time list. If I ever got around to doing that. The Commander-In-Chief for sure would be in the top 100 of not just the 21st century but of all-time.