PHOTO ABOVE All Little Devils CD booklet during the Anja Natasha -era of Dismal Euphony, (1997-2001)  Waldemar Sorychata * Keyboards not pictured.

Dismal Euphony (Stavanger, Norway)

All Little Devils

March 29th, 1999

Nuclear Blast Records/ Radiation

Cat # NB 340


27361 33402


7 27361 63402 5


100 out of 100 blood dripping skulls



THIS IS THE FUTURE OF GOTHIC HEAVY METAL. Because of its avant-garde METAL headspace.

KICK*ASS*METAL’s favorite top 10 bands of all-time.

KICK*ASS*METAL rating  scale


95 out of 100 MASTERPIECE


85 out of 100 KILLER METAL


DOCdata Germany NB 0340-2


Anja Natasha * World-Class Vocalist

Ole K. Helegesen * Bass & Vocals

Waldemar Sorychata * Keyboards

Frode Clausen * Guitars

Kristoffer V. Austrheim * Drums


Days of Sodom

Rage Of Fire


All Little Devils


Psycho Path

Shine For Me, Misery


Dead Words

Whoa…Cool last week circa Friday the 13th, March 13th, 2015. I went on a HUGE CD binge. And during my stop at Sonic Cathderal.

I found a back-up copy of the all-time classic. And really glad I got this. Since it was the last copy in stock over there. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE “MORE THAN ESSENTIAL” purchases.

Sonic Cathedral is one of the coolest and WORLD’S GREATEST mail order company’s around. We give the our HIGHEST RECOMMENATION.

Dismal Euphony was already a legendary and top 100 to top 5oo heavy metal artist of all-time. When Keltziva was the female vocalist of the band, 1996, 80’s/90’s metal was in its 16th year. And since the band always entered the top 10’s. So that is 16 years (TIMES) 10 acts. And out of this top 160 artist in heavy metal, at this part of heavy metal history. Dismal Euphony, was a top 10 favorite artist of KICK*ASS*METAL of all-time. Keltziva was the female world-class vocalist for Dismal Euphony for the all-time classics, for October 1996’s “Soria Moria Slott” & October 1997’s ” Autum Leaves – The Rebellion of Tides”.

Dismal Euphony was already legendary World-Class Gothic Metal outfit, Before this album was UNLEASHED ON PLANET METAL, on March 29th, 1999.  Is was because of the Anja Natasha -era of Dismal Euphony. Which I love a million times more than the Keltziva-era of Dismal Euphony, because Dismal Euphony, had a total avant-garde / gothic approach to the song-writing, which predates the MODERN Avant-garde metal movement by 9 years. !! The first Avant-Garde Metal print edition was in July 2008, but the web-site went on-line I believe a year earlier in July 2007.

On January 29th, 2001 when Python Zero, was released it was the first time in heavy metal history when a heavy metal band released classics during the 20th & 21st Century’s. Anja Natasha was the 1st World-Class Vocalist in the history of the genre to have classic albums in 2 different Centuries. Since she was the first one to perform this feat. Only 29 days into the new century. There is a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame in her honor it is called. The Anja Natasha Lindløv Wing Of The Heavy Metal Hall of Fame. Membership for this part of the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame is only Reserved for World-Class Vocalist who are Legends in 2 centuries the 20th, & 21st. By having top 100 or top 500 albums during the golden era of 80’s & 90’s metal from 1980-2001.

Don’t forget that during the February 1994- March 2003 -era of heavy metal Gothic and Symhonic Black Metal, 1999-2001 was a golden age within a golden age.  The golden age being February 1994- March 2003.

In other words when Cradle of Filth was, and still is our top 1 ranked/rated World-Class Artist in heavy metal – INTERNATIONAL. From the debut album “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” to “Damnation And A Day”. To this day now it is 2015 and for 21 years Cradle of Filth has been our # 1 ranked / rated band of all-time – INTERNATIONAL.  Every album, extended play, VHS tape Dismal Euphony, UNLEASHED ON PLANET METAL during the Anja Natasha era, has always been top 10 albums for each of there albums for the years, which they were released in. 1999, 2000, 2001

Dismal Euphony “Python Zero” is one of KICK*ASS*METAL favorite albums of all-time, and is in our top 10 albums of all-time list.

Anja Natasha – era Dismal Euphony DISCOGRAPHY

All Little Devils *  March 29th, 1999

Lady Ablaze * July 11th, 2000

Lady Ablaze * 3 track VHS tape * November 28th, 2000

Python Zero * January 29th, 2001

Quite honestly if there were no World-Class Heavy Metal artist such as Coven featuring World-Class Vocalist Jinx Dawson, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Necrodeath,  “History of A Time To Come”- era Sabbat Cradle of Filth, Crest of Darkness, Dismal Euphony, Notre Dame, Ram-Zet, Cadaveria, Lacromisa, Riti Occulti and Viper Solfa THERE WOULD BE NO KICK*ASS*METAL.

If you ever go into a heavy metal hall of fame or heavy metal hall of fame and museum, and there is no DISMAL EUPHONY display, you got robbed and demand your money back….!!!!

For the modern avant-garde consider Dismal Euphony’s 2001 Python Zero, as the beginning of the modern-age of avant-garde metal as day one of UNDERGROUND YEAR PYTHON ZERO…!!!!

It’s a mid-point between Cradle of Filth’s “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” February 1994 to when Avant-garde metal went on-line in July 2007.

Oh and between 1996 to when the band disbanded in 2001, good luck opening a heavy metal publication, and NOT finding a write-up, interview, record review, or all 3 on Dismal Euphony.

In May of 2008 The Anja Natasha -era of Dismal Euphony got the GOLD DISC treatment from METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS POLAND….and here is the write-up found in that re-issue, which was one of the greatest reissues of all-time

It is a write up word for word of the essay found in Panel 2 of a 6 panel CD, of a 2 DISC set…The Author Is Unknown to me. But his write-up is pure genius.

“In the history of gothic metal not man groups managed to deliver such skillful combination of genres as Dismal Euphony from Stavanger, Norway.

Their unique mixture of death and black metal, pop, psychedelic and classical motives brought a collection of unforgettable recordings, taking the Gothenburg sound to a whole new level.

This double re-release of “ALL LITTLE DEVILS” and “PYTHON ZERO” introduces two of the band’s finest works, containing songs that will take you all the way into the heart of darkness…

The history of Dismal Euphony dates back to 1992, when bassist Ole K. Helgesen and drumme Kristoffer Void Austrheim decided to join forces and form a band together.

Soon Under the moniker Headless Children they were playing cover versions of songs by Kreator and Slayer.

That lasted until a year later, when singer Erik Borgen and guitarist Kenneth Bergsagel were added to the line-up.

The band changed there name to Carnal Tomb and began working on their own material.

In the meantime Erik Borgen decided to quite the band and the vocal duties were passed on to Helgesen, which was soon backed by female vocalist Lin Achre Tveit (Keltiziva) .

Adding keyboardist Elin Overskott completed the final line-up of the groupd which ultimately resurfaced in 1995 bearing the name Dismal Euphony.

In the same year the group recorded and self-released the demo “Spellbound”

The release caught the attention of Napalm Records and after a three=song self=titled EP, Dismal Euphony recorded their debut LP entitled “Soria Moria Slott.

This material contained mostly pure black metal and gothic ideas, however the follow-up album “Autumn Leaves: The Rebellion of Tides” 1997 showcased some unique variety of styles, taking the band’s music in a whole new direction.

The Group recorded a 5 track EP called “Lady Ablaze” which featured new female vocalist Anja Natasha.

Surprisingly, the EP was not released until the year 2000.

In 1999 Dismal Euphony signed a deal with Nuclear Blast and released there third LP “All Little Devils”.

From the very first note it was clear that with this album the group reached the peaks of creativity.

The brilliantly composed material offered a great variety of inspirations, all sustained in the enchanting gothic mood.

The vocal combination of female and male voices gave a very impressive result, best hear in truly outstanding songs such as “Day of Sodom”, “Lunatic”, and “Pyscho Path”.

Many critics compared “All Little Devils”, with early The Gathering, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, underlining, however, that Dismal Euphony managed to establish a style of their own.

The album is closed with a gentle orchestral track called “Dead Words”, where the subtle piano tones drag the listenre deep into the silent darkness…

The follow-up to “All Little Devils” was released in 2001 and marked another step in the band’s evolution.

“Python Zero” featured a great amount of psychedelic and electronica motives added to the music.

They were still delivering some heavy tunes (such as “Plasma Pool”, “Python Zero”, “Critical Mass” and “Zentinel”), but in the same time weren’t afraid of avant-garde experimentation (Magma” Birth Reverse” “Needle”.)

The resulted in one of the most fascinating goth/ metal hybrids ever created.

“Python Zero” is still considered some of the finest gothic songs in the history of the genre.

Unfortunately, Dismal Euphony disbanded after releasing their masterpiece.

All the group’s members decided to part with the music industry, while drummer Kristoffer Void Austheim became a session musician for the Norwegian black metal band Nettlecarier.

In 2004 the group syffered a “post-mortem” tragedy, as keyboardist Elin Overskott was found dead from a heroin overdose.

“All little Devils” and “Python Zero” remained Dismal Euphony’s most valuable creations, offering top quality gothich metal which will suit even the most demanding musical connoisseur.”

Author Unknown.

Essay found on the second panel of the “All Little Devils/ Python Zero” re-edition on GOLD DISC, which the band deserved, because there music is so peerless and timeless.

And here is KICK*ASS*METAL’s awards for best WORLD-CLASS VOCALIST NORWAY, we call this award the PERSON OF THE YEAR. It is given to the best WORLD-CLASS VOCLIST in 2 Categories NORWAY and INTERNATIONAL. In 2001 Anja Natasha DISMAL EUPHONY fame won KICK*ASS*METAL’s person of the year in 2001 category NORWAY

So here is KICK*ASS*METAL’s persons of the year NORWAY



Kari Ruelsatten * The 3rd and The Mortal


Liv Kristine Espenaes * Theatre of Tragedy


Liv Kristine Espenaes * Theatre of Tragedy


Monika Edvardsen * Atrox


VibekeStene * Tristania


Kristin Fjellseth * Crest of Darkness


Kristin Fjellseth * Crest of Darkness


Anja Natasha * Dismal Euphony



Miriam Elisabeth Renvag * Ram-Zet


Kristin Fjellseth * Pale Forest


Liv Kristine * Leave Eye’s


Miraim Elisabeth Renevag * Ram-Zet


Neil Sigland * Theatre of Tragedy


Emily A Saaen * Manes


Carmen Elise Espenæs  *Midnattsol


Neil Sigland * Theatre of Tragedy


Mariangela Demurtas * Tristania


Cecil Langlie *Omit


Miriam Elisabeth Renevag * Ram-Zet


Catherine Paulsen * Trail of Tears


Carmen Elise Espenæs *   Savn


PHOTO BELOW, LADY ALBAZE-ERA DISMAL EUPHONY featuring World-Class Vocalist Anja Natasha


PHOTO BELOW, PYTHON ZERO – ERA DISMAL EUPHONY featuring World-Class Vocalist Anja Natasha.