Former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort and Bloodpervertor certainly hit the ground running when they formed their new band THE 3rd ATTEMPT.  In under a year they have managed to audition musicians and get themselves a fully rehearsed lineup which made its live debut at one of Norway’s biggest festivals,  sifted through a selection of offers from labels before settling on Dark Essence Records,  and have written and prepared all the material for their debut full-length album.

And,  April 17th will see them enter the Dub Studio in Oslo, to begin recording their new album with producer Endre Kirkesola, who has worked with bands such as BLOOD RED THRONE, CHROME DIVISION, URGEHAL, TSJUDER, GREEN CARNATION, CARPATHIAN FOREST.  Aside from working with some of Norway’s greats in the studio, Kirkesola is also THE 3rd ATTEMPT’s live sound engineer, a job he also performed for IMMORTAL.

“We are really looking forward to begin…

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