Since the release of their third full length album “The Revolution is Dead!”  in 2012, BLUTMOND have been busy on the live circuit with various club and festival appearances and a tour with VULTURE INDUSTRIES and DORDEDUH under their belts, as well as a lineup change that saw two new members join the band.  However, despite all this activity,  things may have seemed a little quiet on the new album front.

But things are rarely what they seem, and today the Swiss Extreme Metallers have issued an update on how things are progressing, and what fans can look forward to when it comes to the band’s fourth full-length album.  “It has been very quiet around us” states BLUTMOND guitarist John,  ” I can’t deny that I had some trouble finding the muse again for the new album, something that obviously  drove me insane. But since the tour I’m back in the…

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