We don’t normally post things like this, but Santiago Cepeda Martínez has scammed a lot of bands and tried it with us too.


We also have a few others currently trying it with us and we’re sick of it.


We love and respect all of our fans, and deeply appreciate it when you spend your money on us.


We always post merch orders out promptly and if you have a problem we try our best to resolve it… but scammers can just fuck off.


Here is our response to him today.


“Hi Santiago, the music community is very tight knit and we’ve heard reports that you’ve tried this with lots of our friends.


Some of them have even sent you merch, and received nothing from you.


How much money do you think we earn? How much do you think it costs to be in a band?


What right do you have to scam us out of our hard earned cash? No right whatsoever!!


I have been very polite with you, I was concerned that you had sent us money and we had lost your order, and have wasted valuable time trying to sort your issue out.


Please do not contact us again, you do not respect us bands and we hope you lied about being an …fan too. We don’t need fans like you.”