Abnormality * Contaminating The Hive Mind

Acheron * Kult De Hasses

Angel Witch * Angel Witch

Antrhax * Fistful of Metal

Agharti * Change

Black Sabbath * Mob Rules

Black Sabbath * Born Again

Cannibal Holocaust * 1979 Movie Soundtrack

Celtic Frost * Mobrid Tales

The Commander-In-Chief * Everything

Coven * Witchcraft Reaps Minds And Destroys Souls

Coven * Jinx

Coven13* Worship New Gods

Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

Cradle of Filth *Vempire

Cradle of Filth * Cruelty And The Beast

Cradle of Filth * Midian

Cradle of Filth * Bitter Suites To Succubi

Cradle of Filth * Damnation and A Day

Cradle of Filth * Nymphetamine

Cradle of Filth * Thornography

Cradle of Filth * Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa

Cradle of Filth * The Manticore and Other Horrors

Crest of Darkness * The Ogress

Crest of Dakrness * Project Regeneration

Crest of Darkness * Evil Knows Evil

Crest of Darkness * Evil Messiah

Crest of Darkness * Give Us Power To Do Your Evil

Crest of Darkness * In The Presence of Death

Crucified Barbara * In Distortion We Trust

Davey Suicide * Generation F!@K Star – track

Devilment * The Great And Secret Show

Dismember * Like A Ever Flowing Stream

Dismal Euphony * All Little Devils

Dismal Euphony * Python Zero

Edge of Paradise * Mask

Edge of Paradise * Immortal Waltz (when it arrives)

Enforcer * Death By Fire

Enforcer * From Beyond

Exodus * Bonded By Blood

Exodus * A Lesson In Violence * 1991 CD first pressing, limited press run

Exodus * Pleasures of The Flesh

EverEve * Regret

Halloween* Don’t Metal With Evil

Halestorm *  In The Wild Life

Hanzel Und Gretyl * UberAlles

HanzelUndGretyl * 2012 ZwanzigZwolf

Hanzel Und Gretyl * Born To Be Heiled

Hanzel Und Greyl * Hanzel Und Gretyl Fur Immer

HanzelUndGretyl * Black Forest Metal

Iron Maiden * Killers

King Diamond * Fatal Portrait

King Diamond * Them

King Diamond * Abigail

King Diamond * Conspiracy

Kreator * Pleasure To Kill

Jack*Off*Jill Clear Hearts Grey Flowers

Lacrimosa * Inferno

Lacuna Coil * Broken Crown Halo

La-Ventura * A New Beginning

Liv Kristine * Vervain

Macbeth * Neo Gothic Propaganda

Marylin Manson * Antichrist Superstar

Massacre * Back From The Dead

Mercyful Fate * Melissa

Mercyful Fate * Don’t Break The Oath

Mercyful Fate * Return of The Vampire

Mercyful Fate * Curse of The Pharaohs * FANCLUB presssing

Mercyful Fate * In The Shadows

Metal Church * Metal Church

Metallica * No Life To Leather

Metallica * Kill ’em All

Metallica * Ride The Lightning

Metallica * Master of Puppets

Morbid Angel * Altars of Madness

Morbid Angel * Blessed Are The Sick

Morbid Angel *Covenant

Myrkur (Scandinavia) * Myrkur

Nervosa * Time Of Death

Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

Notre Dame * Volume 1 Le Theatre Du Vampire

Onslaught * The Force

One Eyed-Doll * EVERYTHING

One Eyed-Doll * Witches

Ozzy Osbourne * Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy Osbourne * Diary of A Madman

Pale Forest * Exit Mould

Pin-Up Went Down * 2Unlimited



Terminantryx * Shadows

The Gathering * Mandylion

The Gathering * Nighttime Birds

The Monolith Deathcult * Tetragrammation

The Vision Bleak *The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey

RAZORBACK RECORDS – the record label – Every CD title in print we can get our hands on from this godly record label …!!!!!!!!!!


Rush * EVERYTHING – all CD’s 1980-1996

Scum * Purple Dreams And Magic Poems

Skeletal Spectre * Occult Spawned Premonitions

Sirenia * The Seventh Life Path

The Runaways * The Runaways * 1976 CD

The Runaways * The Runaways  Movie 2010

The Greatest METAL/ hard rock movie of all-time

Theate of Tragedy * EVERYTHING – all CD’s

Ram-Zet * EVERYTHING – all CD’s

Savn * Savn

Sentinel Beast * Depths of Death * Marque Records Ireland Pressing

Torture Squad * Esquadrao De Tortura

Viper Solfa * Carving An Icon * MASSACRE RECORDS CD


Xe-None * Dance Metal Raveolution

Wargasm * Why Play Around

Wooden Stake * Everything

Wooden Stake * Feasting on Virgin Souls

Zoser Mez * Vizier of Wasteland