Edge of Paradise

Immortal Waltz




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Cover Art BY * Timo Wuerz


100 out of 100 Burning Flying V’s * TIMELESS MASTERPIECE

Margarita Monet KICK*ASS*METAL’s Person of the year * INTERNATIONAL WINNER * Best World-Class Vocalist of 2015

KICK*ASS*METAL’s  2015 album of they year * Hard Rock

Edge of Paradise KICK*ASS*METAL’s # 1 ranked / rated hard rock band of the 21st Century

THE IMMORTALS OF HARD ROCK / HEAVY METAL On this timeless masterpiece are

Margarita Monet * World-Class Vocalist & World-Class Keyboards

Dave Bates * World-Class Guitarist

Nick Ericson * World Class Bassist

John Chominsky * World Class Drummer

Photo Below Left to Right, Far Left Nick Ericson, Margarita Monet, Dave Bates, Far Right John Chominsky

Edge of Paradise is ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS OF ALL-TIME & KICK*ASS*METAL’s # 1 ranked / rated GREATEST World-Class Hard Rock Band of the 21st Century



Perfect Shade of Black

It’s My Show

Immortal Waltz

In A Dream

Rise For The Fallen


Break Away


Children of the Sea Black Sabbath Cover Version BONUS TRACK

@ the offices of KICK*ASS*METAL every Friday Night we have our Beer, Pizza and Edge of Paradise appreciation night, from around 8 PM until 2 AM, that is 6 hours back to back of the albums Edge of Paradise “Mask” and Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz”, and through out the week they get tons in our CD player. On Fridays we talk about future releases, our readers need MORE than the other titles in the record stores, and we talk about the albums of the month international and NORWAY. Albums of the year international and NORWAY.

Which album do I like better “Mask” or “Immortal Waltz” … ha ha just going to have to ponder that forever.

What I really wanted to say about Edge of Paradise is everyone who listens to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal on the World-Class Vocalist side of things, knows that Margarita Monet is one of the most beloved World-Class Vocalist of all-time, by various publications who cover World-Class Hard Rock and World-Class Heavy Metal. With out a doubt Margarita Monet is one of the greatest World-Class Vocalist of all-time.

There is a HARD ROCK HALL OF FAME wing @ KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame in Magarita Monet’s  honor it is named

Currie-Jet-Ford-Sanden-Monet Hard Rock Wing of the HEAVY METAL HALL OFF FAME

Its named after our five favorite female hard rock World-Class Vocalist of all-time.

Everyday when I get off work I throw the movie “THE RUNAWAYS” in the DVD player, right away, way before I put the beers on ICE, then after that MetallicA DVD’s “Cliff ’em All” and “Live Shit Binge & Purge”

I stated with Hard Rock in 1978 with the Van Halen Debut album, the very first album I ever bought with my own money.

And in September 1980 there were two albums that forever change my life. Tygers of Pan Tang “Wild Cat” The heaviest fastest most KICK*ASS*METAL album of all-time. What later became known as POWER METAL owes this album a debut of gratitude. And the other album I got around the same time was Ozzy Osbourne ”  Blizzard of Ozz” on IMPORT.  The first on because of the savage factor, and the latter album for it’s World-Class Guitar Wizardry.

Randy Rhodes is a IMMOTAL OF METAL, and Dave Bates is a IMMORTAL OF METAL also, even though the band prefers the classification of hard rock.

Dave Bates is guitar hero of the same status as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes. The bar every hard rock band of the future has to jump over is not only Halestorm “Into The Wildlife” is a album that will be forever a part of music history, but every aspiring guitarist has to jump over the talents of Dave Bates. Edge of Paradise “Mask” and Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz” is a album that will also, be forever a part of music history.

When Halestorm released which is one of the top TRUE HARD ROCK CLASSICS of the year 2015, the decade 2010, the 21st century, I had real fears, that album Halestorm “Into The Wildlife” was going to be the album of the year in 2015.  As a Edge of Paradise fanatic insane maniac, I just listened to “Immortal Waltz” and after the 21 day timeframe of a album before I decide a albums score and a albums Rating & Ranking. As magical, breath taking and mind-blowing Halestorm ” Into the Wildlife” is. Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz” is the album of the year 2015 in hard rock. If Halestorm “Into The Wildlife” had the better album in eye’s I would of said so, and Edge of Paradise would of been cool with the runner-up ranking. Because I always tell the truth. But the truth this year, is just Edge of Paradise has the most bad ass and most KICK*ASS*METAL album of the year in 2015.

For the album of the year winner, all I have to say is it is because of bands, such as Edge of Pardise and albums such as Edge of Paradise “Mask” and Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz”. That KICK*ASS*METAL was founded in the first place for.

Edge of Paradise is just 4 of California’s best world-class musicians in the same band, the last time that happened in hard rock/ heavy metal history was Gun’s and Roses, in 1987 and before that Metallica in 1983, and before that Motley Crue in 1981 and Before that Van Halen in 1978.

Edge of Paradise influence are  Van Halen, Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and without a doubt Edge of Paradise is in the same big league of World-Class artist and in the same breath as those bands for the same reason. Authenticity, Talent & Originality. I read every book on song-writing every written, so I pay attention to those details more than any other publication around.

So here is for the newer fans of Edge of Paradise, the greatest albums of all-time by Edge of Paradise and there influences .

Black Sabbath * Mob Rules

Edge of Paradise * Mask

Edge of Parddise * Immortal Waltz

Guns and Roses * Appetite  For Destruction

Guns and Roses * Use Your Illusions 1 & Use Your Illusions 2

Iron Maiden * Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden * KILLERS

Led Zepplin * Houses of The Holy

Metallica *Black Album

Motley Crue * Too Fast For Love

Motley Crue * Shout At The Devil

So with this in mind.

What are you doing still reading this





Both of these albums will be inducted into the KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame, and Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz” will be but on our TRADITIONAL metal hall of fame top 100 albums list, because every guitarist in heavy metal, has to compete with Dave Bates, in the realm of Traditional, tasteful, World-Class, guitar playing.

As a life long Black Sabbath fan since the 1970’s and 1980’s. Tony Iommi is one of my favorite guitarist of all-times, I always listen to his playing non-stop. Because he is a genius riffer, and a excellent song-writer and the cover version

Edge of Paradise ” Children of The Sea” just rules, and I give the band credit and praise for doing such a awesome version of this song.