I know I should wait until

February 13th, 2016 To

Induct Heidi Shepard & Carla Harvey Into The KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame as World-Class Vocalist.

The Butcher Babies Have one of the most vicious Thrash/Groove/NuMetal albums of not just 2015 but for all of the decade of 2010. One of the only Groove Metal bands that can touch upon the power of the bands that got me hooked to groove metal in the first place.

Exhorder * Slaugther In The Vatican

Metallica * …And Justice For All

Metallica * Metallica

Pantera * Power Metal

Pantea * Cowboys From Hell

Pantera * Vulgar Display of Power Metal.

What the Butcher Babies have been doing, with a dual vocalist attack is the future of female-fronted metal and all of heavy metal. Since this publication is heavily part of the TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL movement and style, KICK*ASS*METAL is heavy based on the Beauty and The Beast Configuration. I really love the Butcher Babies vocalist configuration

Sure at first The Butcher Babies were going to be inducted into THE KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame on the Video Monster Balls alone,

But now that I have a  hundred spins of there debut album under my bullet belt, since it was Unleashed on Planet Metal exactly six days ago on August 21st, 2015 todays date is August 27th, 2015. This album is like a NUCLEAR BLAST METALLIC SAVAGE METALLIC HOLOCAUST of a metal rip your face off kind of album and don’t look in the mushroom cloud, this album has a savage factor very few thrash & groove have. The band has spent a lot of work on this album in the songwriting department, making this the

KICK*ASS*METAL album of the month




In the future I don’t want the band to look upon this album and try to recreate it, where its evocation is that there is a focus on the artistry. I would love to see the Butcher Babies build up the groove and savage factor of this album.

Groove was originally never a disparaging remark to a metal band, the thrash metal pioneers had tons of KILLER GROOVES, Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” has them stamped all over that metallic masterpiece. The death metal 2nd generation bands have KILLER GROOVES, look through all your old fanzines, and see the phrase with a positive connotation, in record reviews back in the pre-internet era.

While The Butcher Babies is not my everyday listening, I consider myself in there ranks as a true fan, and support them fully, in future endeavors as long as they keep everything on the bad ass and KICK*ASS side of life, and the metal genre.

Butcher Babies “Take It Like A Man”


Groove/NuMetal album of the year 2015

As far as Monsters Ball

Monster MASH


Monsters THRASH

And the metal community

Can’t Stop Moving to this bands highly addictive one-of-a-kind unique a sound of their own, brand of savage metallic mayhem