Back in 2005 there was a new Heavy Metal Crucified Barbara, and they were the first band in heavy metal history to Win the KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal debut album of the year, as well as the debut album of the year honor, while the Debut album of the year was a perfect choice, others on the KICK*ASS*METAL voting committee recommended that a black, death, or black/death artist should win the album of the year award, I heard there concerns and fears, and thought about it for a couple of days, and I realized that artist such as Crucified Barbara are the real metal. Real Metal to the bone and Real Metal to the core.

And after much deliberation, I realize they had the best album of 2005 just because it KICK*ASS and Mia Coldheart is the epitome of the phrase World-Class Vocalist bar-none.


In March 2012 a buzzzz was on this new Metal Sensation, in a big help and part by Marcel Schmier  of thrash Metal gods Destruction fame, buy sharing there video on his faceBook person page, and it got shard like crazy something on the scale of the Metallica “No life til leather” demo in early 1983, which started with only a hundred in September 1982, when High Velocity shelved the planned EP, which became “KILL EM ALL” in July 1983and all the news services big like BlabberMouth and every specialized pressed in the World caught win of


Nervosa with one of the greatest videos of all-time

Nervosa “Masked Betrayer” featuring one of the hardest RIFF LORDS and KICK*ASS metal shredders of all-time in Prika Amaral. Not only that but the band featured one of the Greatest Most original vocalist of all-time in Fernanda Lira, a metal savior as a vocalist I have been waiting for since 1994, and before that since 1985, a vocalist like Fernanda Lira, to suprass her in originality and the KICK*ASS factor, I may not see that in the rest of my life-time, a more intense vocalist that Fernada Lira, I hope to see that one day, but I really doubt it and lets not forget that Fernanda Lira is also a World-Class Bassist also.

And the Drummer at the time Fernanda Terra has the golden touch.

Nervosa entered the studio in July 2013 and recorded what is one of the greatest thrash metal album of not just the 21st century, but for reason unknown the album was not unleashed on Planet Metal until February 28th, 2014, but I always have a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame induction date of March 2012 for Nervosa, just based on “Masked Betrayer” being one of the best metal tracks ever penned, And the video is a top 10 heavy metal video of all-time.

With this in mind Nervosa like Crucified Barbara won the 2014 debut album of the year honor as well as the BEST MOST KICK*ASS album of 2014 which is know as album of the year.


What is cool about this is I really feel that Rio De Jenerio’s can be the third all-female band to pull of what Crucifed Barbara did in 2005 and what Nervosa achieved in 2014 winning the debut album of the year honor as well as the album of the year honor, when Indisicpline unleashes on Planet Metal there debut album.

Indiscipline was founded in August  2012, and have to there credit

A KICK*ASS*METAL ep Which was unleashed on Planet Metal on, August 24th, 2014 which is a independent release.

And on

July 31st, 2015, and this is what really convinced me that this band desereves to be induceted into KICK*ASS*METAL’s heavy metal hall of fame, is the video

Indiscipline “Deserving Hate”


Now Keep in mind I have been a fan of the Power Metal trio since I started with the heavier side of NWOBHM in the Summer of 1980, Very few people remember that Motorhead is one of my favorite bands of all-time, and I listen to a lot of Black Sabbath, and since I have always tried to see out the most authentic bands of every style, I am highly associated with just being a death/black metal elitist or purist, when my roots are really in power metal and thrash metal going through the bands list of influences of

AC/DC, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Crucified Barbara, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Black Label Society,


(for those who can’t read the t-shirt, because the photo is to small in this KIC*ASS*METAL article on the Helna Accioly photo that is a Crucifed Barbara t-shirt !!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

The ones that really get my interest are Black Sabbath,  Motörhead, and Crucified Barbara, for the metallic savage factor, and the other influences give the band a highly original guitar tone and a really unique sound.

Musicwise this bands knows there metal, as a metal fan since 1980, I had the honor to see Crucifed Barbara live, and they are one of the greatest live bands of all-time, a true top 100 heavy metal band of all-time.

As far as the bands one-of-a-kind unique sound, is based in the awesome guitar tone of Maria Fernanda Cals, and like all awesome HEAVY METAL, they know heavy is based in natural heaviness, once bands start  going to fast, its a different kind of heavy.

Bassist and Vocalist only known as Alice, has a timbre that only can be described as World-Class, and as far as I can tell a true one-of-a-kind vocalist. Whatever her personal influences, they have been transcended and all I hear is her timbre, even if she tells the World of her influences.

A metal fan is not a fan of any band until you know the drummers name Ale De La Vega, a very solid drummer, and gives the band everything needed to hold everything together, and Ale De La Vega adds to the over-all heaviness to Indiscipline’s Sound.

Really thinking about this even though this is a write up, a history of the band, I am realizing that the video “Deserving Hate” is just a totally bad ass and KICK*ASS metal video, and since KICK*ASS*METAL is heavily based on the World-Class Vocalist side of heavy metal history, I believe Indiscipline’s Alice, Maria Fernanda Cals  Ale De La Vega, will be stoked to be in the same KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame as Fernanda Lira, Prika Amaral, Mia Coldheart.

@ KICK*ASS*METAL everyone in a KICK*ASS*METAL heavy metal hall of fame for our World-Class Vocalist hall of fame does not have to be a lead vocalist, just every member of a hall of fame band, who’s band members who vocalize on a album, reading Indiscipline’s facebook presence official this is the membership

Members: Alice – Vocals/Bass // Maria Fernanda Cals – Guitars/Vocals // Ale De La Vega – Drums/Vocals





So all three members are KICK*ASS*METAL hall of fame members as a band and each member individually as a World-Class Vocalist.

Photo below, when the metal community saw this pic….you knew this would be in KICK*ASS*METAL !!!!!!