I find it totally strange and bizarre that there is no articles on this World-Class Vocalist, and no BNR PAGES and no Metal Archives PAGE. So this artist deserves to be covered in KICK*ASS*METAL since we cover all World-Class Heavy Metal.

Yesterday I attended a listener party of there 3rd album “Never Wanna Die” and got around a dozen Spins under my bulletbelts, and as a metal fan since The Summer of 1980.

Diemonds is one of the bands who could capture the heart, imaginations, and diehard dedication from all the Motley Crue fanatic World-Wide.


Priya Panda as a World-Class Vocalist has all out aggression and a charisma that is all her own.

No matter what style of metal she plays, she will always light up a CD, it is also a blessing to her, the band she is a member of Diemonds are top notch hard rockers and head bangers.

If you thought it was impossible, to find a album that fits in perfectly with in heavy rotation spins, of Motley Crue “To Fast For Love”, Metallica “Metallica” and Guns ‘N Roses “Appetite For Destruction”. Well let me just say straight away and as a matter of fact Diemonds “Never Wanna Die” belongs in every serious heavy metal collection, if the subject matter is  World-Class Vocalist or just KICK*ASS*METAL.


Priya Panda is the REAL DEAL.


Diemonds is one of a handful of bands to the void when and if Motley Crue retires.

KICK*ASS*METAL are Diemonds f*@&!@G DIE-HARDS.

Every year as a metallic fanatic manic, I always find the best top 10 ROCK albums of any given year since I have been a metallic supporter and a true real metal fan since 1980, and every year metal and hard rock always has some mind-blowing and bone crunching hard rock/heavy metal bands.

Motley Crue for there first two masterpieces they did touch on a Darkness That was equal parts Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Alice Cooper and the savage savagery of the Plasmatics. That is why the first two Motley Crue albums will always surive the test of time.



Top 10 Hard Rock / Heavy Metal albums of



# 1

Edge of Paradise * Immortal Waltz


# 2

Halestorm * In To The Wild Life


# 3

One-Eyed Doll * Witches




Diemonds  * Never Wanna Die


# 5

The V (featuring Veronica Freeman)  – NOW OR NEVER