Enemies of Reality Hail from Bragança Paulista/SP
The Metallic style of is Thrash/Death/Prog
Enemies of Reality’s main inspirations are
Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura, Pantera, Testament, Death, Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Amon Amarth, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Nevermore
The Lineup of Enemies of Reality is:
Doug Moreira – Vocals
Rodrigo Rodrigues – Guitars
Tom Toledo – Bass
Gus Avancini – Drum

Formed in 2012, the Brazilian band Enemies of Reality currently has the following members: Douglas Moreira (Vocals), Rodrigo Rodrigues (Guitars), Tom Toledo (Baixo), and Gus Avancini (Drums).            The band has a lot of  80´s Thrash Metal on it´s influence with some Death and Progressive metal, the band is now releasing your first single untitled “Innocent Heart” that will be on the New EP called “Trull”

            Innocent Heart is part of a conceptual work that the band have worked since the first formation. The track brings all elements appreciated by fans of the style, fast, heavy, dynamic vocals and modern tones and timbres, the track has also the collaboration of Breno Cunha for a small narration, which is part of the story of the conceptual upcoming album.

        Produced by the guitarist Rodrigo Rodrigues, and conceptual work and art by the drummer and designer Gus Avancini, the EP was recorded at the studio Die House in Bragança Paulista with the sound engineer Diego Pereira. The master and Mix was held by Christian Donaldson, who worked with great names in the metal scene, bands such as The Agonist, Cryptosy, Beyond Creation, etc.