As a fan of TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL, I am also a fan of Scandinavian Classical Music which I have a affinity for. I am always looking for the best of the best when it comes to Scandinavian Heavy Metal, (i was a heavy collector of Swedish Death Metal, but what was happening in Norway starting with The 3rd and The Mortal, and Atrox, was more interesting to me back in the early mid 1990’s) especially TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL.


And Dark Metal From Norway, Dark Metal, Horror Metal is GOTHIC METAL mixed With SYMPHONIC BLACK METAL. I was listening to this in the record store last night getting my fix of BRUTAL DEATH METAL, and some KICK*ASS glam metal from Sweden, I was getting back up copies of the Sister Sin back catalog. And I though Maja Ivarsson has a pretty awesome timbre and excellent song-writing skills. I decided to get the album The Sounds “Living In America” and I feel it will get tons of spins in between NEW WAVE AVANT-GARDE PUNK ROCK classics such as Missing Persons “Spring Session M”, Blondie “Parallel Lines”,  Berlin “Pleasure Victim”, and CSS (BRAZIL) “Cansei de Ser Sexy




The Sounds Discography


Living In America * 2002

Dying To Say This To You * 2006

Crossing The Rubicon * 2011

Weekend * 2013