When it comes to World-Class Heavy Metal music no matter the genre or style, the best of the best will always rise to the surface.


It is a big help to the staffers of KICK*ASS*METAL, that we know that all 5 of these members have been part of the top 100, top 500 or top 700 albums or bands of all-time; and a couple of Surgikill members operate ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RECORD LABELS around for TRUE METAL, (RAZORBACK RECORDS) and also PRINT ONE OF THE BEST HORROR MAGAZINES OF ALL-TIME. (EvilSpeak Magazine).


Oh back up there…you think…TRUE METAL, well to me TRUE METAL is what the mainstream calls EXTREME METAL.

And since 1980 I have always said


A band to heavy for Metal Maniacs (there defunct, last issue pressed in February 2009….editor) . FUCK YEAH COUNT ME IN.

See a history book on heavy metal and no chapter on Razorback Records, don’t buy it, put it down, more pulp..!!!!

A HEAVY METAL HALL OF FAME without a NOCERA ROOM or the NOCERA Wing of the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame . Get your money back, you got robbed!!!!!!!!!!

Every year the most fun part of running a fanzine or a webzine, is putting together a top 100 albums of the year list. And finding a debut album of the year winner.

When Surgikill unleashes its debut album on PLANET METAL it will be a TOP 100 ALBUM OF THE YEAR. And a very strong candidate nominee for the debut album of the year in which it is released in.



Surgikill are

Stevo do Caixao – sanguinary summonings & splatter scriptures,
Ash Thomas – six string slashings & skin stabbings,
Zdenka Prado – four string satanic sacrifices,
Vanessa Nocera – unholy gore howlings & morbid poems from beyond,
Billy Nocera – lacerated larynx & twisted riff conjurations,
William Sievers – deep bellows from beneath the crypts
Influences courtesy of the bands official facebook presence
SURGIKILL is spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from Impetigo and is inspired by all of the right stuff: the horror/gore atmosphere of Autopsy, the evil vibe of Incantation, the neckbreaking speed of Repulsion and Terrorizer, and the heaviness of old Swedish/Finnish Death Metal such as Grave, Crematory, Funebre, and Demigod. Lyrically and concept wise, we are inspired by the Video nasties of the early 80’s, old-school Italian horror, revenge films, post apocalyptic films, sword and sorcery, mental decay themes, etc.
Artist SURGIKILL (GODS) have a affinity for
Impetigo, Autopsy, Incantation, (early) Death, Razor, Massacra, Bolt Thrower, (early) Slayer, Repulsion, Carcass, Celtic Frost, Defleshed, Rigor Mortis, Kreator, Terrorizer, Exciter, Nunslaughter, Entombed, Crematory(Sweden), Grave, Sacrifice, etc.


BIOGRAPHY courtesy of the bands official facebook presence

Annoyed with the trend of making everything “retro” and only one kind of sound… SURGIKILL rises up to combine all of their influences from Death Metal, Thrash, and Grind, along with slow bone chilling Doom passages to create songs that are stick to your ribs CATCHY and SAVAGE at the same time! Look for an all out ultra-deranged vocal onslaught that will have you calling the men in white coats to take us away to the lunatic asylum…but NOT before we bleed your eardrums dry! Debut full-length album is coming soon. You have been WARNED.
Surgikill SPLATTER PLATTERS …aka Discography…
Surgikill * PROMO 2015
Unleashed on Planet Metal on
August 13, 2015
Upcoming tentative in January 2016
“Here’s the cover artwork for our side of the CARDIAC ARREST / SURGIKILL split 7″ EP coming early 2016 from Dark Recollections Productions (Mexico)! Our tribute to the Italian madman himself, Bruno Mattei! If you don’t know who he is, look him up! The man was a master of violence and sleaze gore cinema! R.I.P.

Artwork was drawn by the amazing Dedy Badic!” Quote Source Surgikill facebook official presence

Tenative relase in 2016
“Next year, we assault your brains and entrails with this ungodly SPLIT assault of aural carnage and cacophony!!! Hails to our Japanese brothers in ANATOMIA!” Quote Source Surgikill facebook official presence