Please introduce yourself: from what Metal planet do you come from, what do you do at Grand Sounds Promotion, Antichrist Magazine & Skullbanger Meida?
Heya and thank you for this interview! I’m Carla Morton from Romania and yes, I write for these 2 zines: Antichrist and Skullbanger zine; GrandSound PR is a offshoot from Deadcenter Prods where Antichrist zine takes part, so Deadcenter Prods has all these: the zine, a PR agency and others and for GrandSound PR I collaborate same about promoting bands time to time.
What was the reason you got into being a journalist?
I never thought I’ll do such thing but this came so sudden, all these started at the end of March this year when an artist and same friend of mine asked me if I want to have an interview about his music project (I am talking about Nader Sadek)…I told him that I have never done interviews before so I have no idea how to make it but he encouraged me and said at least to try and so I did with a little help from him, send my questions that got in my mind and he wasn’t dissapointed about the questions he has got. A few days later I contacted 2-3 more bands if are interested for an interview, all of them accepted my proporsal. Later, an ”explosion” of bands that contacted me for interviews came from the Italian record label manager of WormHoleDeath who I got in contact with him so he offered to suggest me that I am looking for bands to interview so then was for me a big WOW and a new step into what am I doing now. The first interview ofc was with Nader Sadek as talked about and the interview was published on MetalShock Finland and later I had the chance to be in the team of SkullbangerMedia who accepted me to write for. I also found myself Antichrist zine manager and I asked him if he needs writers and he accepted me into his team aswell and I have to say that I work more with Antichrist and most of the articles are published there, of course some of the articles goes to SkullbangerMedia same. This is the little ”history” how I started to write and collaborate with bands and write interviews, reviews and so on.. the list with the bands is growing up day by day!
As a journalist, who are your biggest influences (as journalists or webzines)?
I don’t have any. I don’t follow any zines or journalists, I have my own style.
What is your favorite category to write: interviews, reviews or just articles? 
I prefer interviews the most because with this I started. I do also reviews but this is rarely, I use to lose the ideas and when I do reviews (album or gig reviews) I do them short and to the point and I write the ideas that come in my mind that moment; I do reviews about the albums I like and I think I am able to write something about, not everything I can review…
I mostly get my news from my favorite publications and I read tons of bios and news about the bands I want review. Where do you get the informations about the bands?
I use to get the infos about the bands from their websites, facebook pages and other online sources.
Have you got any partnerships with any labels which you can collaborate with?
Yeah I did and I still do. WormHoleDeath records is one of them, I interviewed almost all the bands that are signed into the label and I continue to do it with the new comers too, I did reviews to some albums aswell from good bands from this label and same I support this label a lot. Other collaborations, cannot say that are but I use to get in contact with other labels managers, promoters etc. and sometimes I use to contact the bands myself if are interested for an interview or promotion then is good and sometimes the bands get in touch with me as they heard about me from the Antichrist manager via the PR agency or other sources, depends.
When are you looking for bands to interview/review,what are the main aspects are you looking for?
I look for nothing, I don’t have any preferences I mean what genre are the bands and these stuffs; since the band accepted the interview and all is ok, everything is ok. Happened a few times to be ”kicked off” by some bands that I can say acted like jerks and this is a little frustrating for me as I tried to help them and even some bands I helped kind of a lot still acted so bad…But I try get over these and move on and I appreciate and I am glad with the bands that same appreciated and are grateful for the help and support they’ve gotten from me.
How long have you been a metal fan and what was the first metal album that you purchased?
Hehe, yeah well maybe since I was born? My father is a metalhead so growing up with some good bands I liked the idea of metal so I became a metalhead. I had albums at home already as my father had them so I have not purchased an album myself yet, what I have I got them as gift or promo stuffs and most things I find and listen online.
What are your favorite top 20 albums of all-time?
Pppfff, this is a trick question haha. I don’t know if would be 20 but are a few albums that I like so a lot and I never get tired listening to them and usually are from bands like: Mayhem, Arcturus, The Kovenant, Cradle of Filth, Ulver, Nidingr, Dodheimsgard, Rammstein etc. and also from some good underground bands…maybe are many bands to mention hehe…
Which have been the top 10 concerts you have attended so far?
Hhhmm let’s see (not a particular order and maybe are more than 10): The big 4 (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax), Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rammstein, Tarja Turunen,Watain, Shining, Agressor, Children Of Bodom, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Yngwie Malmsteen, Finntroll, Paradise Lost, Dream Theater, Evergrey etc. etc. and lots of underground bands.
What 10 bands do you think are under-rated or under-appreciated and deserve a bigger support and being known on the metal scene?
I don’t know what to answer here and I don’t have a sure opinion about it…
What advice would you give to bands if they want to interract with you? 
Hhhmm I have no idea!? To be talktative and not act like jerks, but I don’t need to tell them these things they might know all these, and yes…the respect means the most!
Is there anything would you like to add?
I just want to thank everyone who support me and appreciate the work I do, I really enjoy what I am doing and this is a main hobby at the moment and I don’t wanna give up, hope one day I can become bigger who knows. If there are people who respect me, appreciate the things I do for them ( bands/ artists) I am more than glad.
I won’t forget and I have to thx to Nader Sadek and also to WormHoleDeath records who encouraged me, trust me, appreciate the work and the support I show to them and a reason I don’t wanna give up being a metal journalist, to Antichrist and Skullbanger Media for letting me being a part of their team, if weren’t them, maybe was hard for me to find a zine to publish all the articles, to the bands that as said appreciated my work and my help  and with some of them I became friends with and if there exist a positive feedback about me, I am happy! And I wait more bands to contact me haha!
Again I thank you for this interview, it was my pleasure, indeed! Cheers and rock on!
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