KICK*ASS*METAL is a publication based heavily on the GOTHIC and INDUSTRIAL side of the rock/metal/avant-garde Genres. And on September 29th, 2015 you shared the Stage With The Mighty One-Eyed Doll, and on October 3rd 2015 you also shared the stage with the Mighty, both at the TOKEN Lounge, that is an awesome achievement for a band just only FOUNDED in January 2014….not bad huh. The One-Eyed Doll Concert was a TOP 10 KICK*ASS*METAL concert of all-time, because of KIMBERLY FREEMAN’s KILLER GUITAR TONE, and your linked to that event via, tagging in the concert review of that show. Quite an amazing achievement, as the band’s manager did you book that show with them because you are a fan of those bands, or is this a perfect example of serendipity where your were being at the right place at the right time…!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle: First of all thanks for having us Ron! 🙂

I like that you used the word serendipitous. It’s interesting because my friend showed me One Eyed Doll about a month prior to us booking the show. As a fan, I actually really enjoyed their humor and satirical approach to the whole thing, but I remember seeing that they announced a show at the Token Lounge, and I made an inquiry to the promoter and got the spot.

KICK*ASS*METAL if you could describe Deadlight Holiday’s sound in 2 or 3 bands which bands would your describe your sound in.

Kyle: The top 3 bands that we get compared to, sonically speaking, are: Tool, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd. I think it has to do with my song structures, Kallie’s vocal style, and the groove our music has.


 Kallie: I would compare us to an alternative rock band that is inspired by Kyle’s preference for grunge and my love of Celtic and perhaps melancholy music.


KICK*ASS*METAL who came up with the moniker DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY, as what does it mean

Kyle: Deadlight Holiday, is actually a reference to the lyrics from song Holiday by The Birthday Massacre. I always liked the feeling of nostalgia the song conveyed.


 Kallie: Kyle came up with the name for Deadlight Holiday, but for me personally it describes a deeply organic and earthy vibe that bespeaks balance and contrasts, such as the spectrum between light and darkness, life and death, the beautiful and grotesque, and the orderly and disorderly.

KICK*ASS*METAL who was the founder and co-founder of DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY, who were the first to join, and who joined the band in chronological order.

Kyle: I founded the band as a studio project initially, then shane, our current Bass player saw some of the stuff I was working on and wanted to be apart of it. We knew we wanted a female vocalist to give the music a different direction than other bands of our genre.


Kallie: Kyle had been in former bands but always dabbled with genres outside of the bands in which he played. At the beginning of 2015, he showed us some of the  musical selections that he had been working on. He liked spacious and airy sounds that were uniquely complemented by various beats and sounds. He then started having Shane (our bassist and male vocalist) give some of his input and then he asked me to do some female vocals for him. We had our first three-man band session near the end of April after putting about four or five songs together. Near the beginning of summer, our friend Christian moved back to Michigan and jumped in with us (literally, he only had one afternoon to practice and then he played a show with us that evening). David joined later in the summer and we found that we all meshed well as a group.


KICK*ASS*METAL As an artist in DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY who do you consider your peers, in terms of artistry.

Kyle: We are always inspired by the bands around us that we have talked to, met, or played shows with. Some of them include:


Lipstick Jodi

The Outer Vibe

The Red Paintings

The Birthday Massacre


KICK*ASS*METAL What was the first Cassette/Record/CD, that you ever bought and do you still have it.

Kyle: The first CD I bought with my own money was Walk Among Us by The Misfits, and I don’t think that CD has ever left my Car. Its the one that has 20 Eyes, Hatebreeders, Skulls, and Astro Zombies. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already listened to them.

Kallie: I was about twelve years old and I bought a CD entitled Robert Vavra’s Horses of the Wind. It had a Celtic/Lord of the Rings sound to it and was very nature-based with soft thunder and rain sounds, etc. I still have it and it is very soothing to listen to and to fall asleep to.



KICK*ASS*METAL What are the main albums or guitarist that in formed your style.

Kyle:  Lateralus by Tool and Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson probably had the most influence on my guitar style.

Kallie: I would say that my style is akin to Evanescence. Other artists that I strive to perform as well as are The Pretty Reckless and Krystal Meyers.


KICK*ASS*METAL I always try to ask this question of everyone I meet in person, because I love the different answers people give me over the years, What is your favorite album of all-time. Does this albums make your favorites of the favorites list @  # 1 making it the greatest album of all-time.


Kyle: My favorite album of all time is probably ‘The Heartlight Set by Joy Zipper’. Its an album that I can fall asleep to, but always leaves me in a better mood. The album that I’m currently listening to on repeat is ‘Your Revolution is Never Coming by The Red Paintings’.

Kallie: I have always admired Enya because of the distinct sound that she is able to create with her many layers of vocals and how she uses her tone and pitch to give her an ethereal sound.


KICK*ASS*METAL As a musician what are the best concerts top 10 or top 5 that you have appeared on, because the vibe of the crowd or because the band was on fire via, perfect perfection.


Kyle: Our show with the Genitorturers was a lot of fun, and I think we played our best set at that show. As a fan of theirs I was excited to open for them, but having the opportunity to hang out with them after the show alongside our friends and family was a lot of fun.

It’s hard to pick out one concert over another, but we honestly have enjoyed every concert we have played, whether its 1 person in the audience cheering us on or a room of 500 hundred people. 🙂

KICK*ASS*METAL As a concert-goer and a music fan yourself what were the top 10 top 5 most intense most mind-blowing concerts you have seen.


  1. The Birthday Massacre / The Red Paintings – The Crofoot Lounge
  2. Avatar / Lacuna Coil @ The Intersection
  3. Marilyn Manson/ Alice Cooper @ the Soaring Eagle Casino
  4. Rob Zombie – 2012 @ The Delta Plex
  5. GWAR – @ The Intersection

Kallie: I went to a large concert with 10,000-20,000 fans at the Sprint Center in Kansas City and saw Flyleaf. The atmosphere in such a large arena was magnificent. I saw Disciple and enjoyed how active they were on stage. The bassist even did a backflip off of one of the huge speakers. I appreciated how the group Kutless took the time to connect to the audience and liked how energetic the Newsboys were in concert. I was also impressed by Stitched Up Heart, whom we opened for recently in Detroit. I love a variety of genres, so there are also symphonies (such as one that performed the Nutcracker) and EDM shows (such as  Gladiator) that I have enjoyed.


KICK*ASS*METAL What are you personal favorite top 10 or top 25 albums.



  1. Antichrist Superstar – Marilyn Manson
  2. Souvlaki – Slowdive
  3. City of Evil – Avenged Sevenfold
  4. Walk Among us – The Misfits
  5. Ava Adore – The Smashing Pumpkins
  6. California – Mr. Bungle
  7. The Heartlight Set – Joy Zipper
  8. Crwn Thy Frnicatr – Psyclon Nine
  9. Broken – Nine Inch Nails
  10. Substance – Joy Division

Kallie: My favorite groups are listed below:

  1. Kutless
  2. Krystal Meyers
  3. Skylar Grey
  4. Enya
  5. Shinedown
  6. The Beatles
  7. Vanic
  8. TransSiberian Orchestra


KICK*ASS*METAL As a guitarist do you think you have achieved your own style, own sound, own voice, as how you express yourself as a guitarist.


Kyle: I think so, as a musician, I think its important to adapt to the people you are playing with. Ever since I have worked with Kallie and Shane, I have been focusing a lot more on my lead playing and melodic approach rather than doing the whole ‘guitarist plays every part’ approach that most bands do. When I write, I leave each song with a lot of headroom so Kallie can write melodies, and Shane can write other melodic grooves around the lead parts that I’m playing. In that sense I think I have my own style going on… I think haha

Kallie: I own a guitar, but I don’t perform with it as I wish to hone my skills first. However, I can tell since joining the band how I have been able to improve upon my vocal skills, such as how to project my voice, replacing certain letters with others whilst singing so that the sound isn’t as harsh, and how to sing with a different sound (more or less nasally, more feminine or more harsh, etc.).

KICK*ASS*METAL on November 23rd, 2015 it was reported on your official facebook presence you entered Pharaoh’s House Recording. Is this for a debut album?


Kyle: Yes! and we are really excited to have it finished in the next few months! The tracks were all recorded live in the studio, and we are currently in the process of mixing them as we speak.


KICK*ASS*METAL How long have you been playing guitar for, and are you self taught, or do you have formal training.

 Kyle: For the most part I’m self taught, although I did take lessons for a summer from a local guitar guru, Andy Kirby (Guitarist and singer of The Turnips) who taught me a lot of about music theory and how to fix and repair my guitars. I know enough theory to get by, but I try to not dabble too much into the technicality of things because it seems restricting at times.

KICK*ASS*METAL What guitar do you currently use, and why did you choose this one over the others.


 Kyle: I have a sunburst, Fender Jaguar HH, and I love it! When I bought it initially, my thought was to just have an instrument that I could get a lot of tones out of.  Then I came across Jaguars, and I saw that they had coil taps, a kill switch, and a locking tremolo system. I actually ordered it before I even touched one, but the second I got it in the mail, I was in love with it.

I can get any tone out of it that I want, whether its punk rock, jazz tones or metal.

KICK*ASS*METAL What amplification do you use, and why did you choose this one over the other brands.

 Kyle: At the moment I am using a Fender Deville 212, and I usually play on the clean channel with Deadlight. I’ve always used Fender amps, in the beginning I used them because they are more affordable than other brands and you could always find used deals on them. But after started doing more research, I realized the variety of tones they offer, and personally I think their clean channels are unmatched. It’s perfect for layering effect pedals and adding different distortion pedals. The two things I look for in amps are: Does this work with my rig, and the rest of the band? and If I lost my Pedal Board, could this amp fill in the show on its own.



KICK*ASS*METAL I live most of the year in South Eastern, Michigan, in the Metro Detroit/Dearborn – Windsor, Canada area market, one publication that has always covered the same exact shows I do concert reviews on is National Record Review. Has NRR ever covered any of your concerts..


 Kyle: Not yet 🙂


KICK*ASS*METAL I will at a later date do joint concert reviews of the Deadlight Holiday/ One-Eyed Doll on September 29th, 2015 and The Deadlight Holiday/ Genitorturers, which happened on October 3rd, 2015. Since those CONCERTS RULED OVER-ALL, I know the layout will take a whole day, and explaining how much those mind-blowing events ruled will take some serious articulation.


KICK*ASS*METAL what are your band contacts, so those interested in your music can get in touch with Deadlight Holiday…!!!


 Kyle: We are on most Social Media sites, but we update our Facebook and Instagram the most.

KICK*ASS*METAL is there anything you would like to add, to this interview.


 Kyle: We will be releasing our Debut album in 2016 and have a lot planned for next year! Feel free to contact us, we are always glued to our phones are always looking to play shows and talk to our fans 🙂


KICK*ASS*METAL I wanted to thank you for your time, and Take care, Best Regards, and GODSPEED


 Kyle: Thanks for having us Ron! and Thanks for all the support yourself, and Kick Ass Metal has given us, we are eternally grateful for everyone!

 Kallie: Thank YOU so much and we appreciate the opportunity to chat with you and the interest you have in Deadlight Holiday.